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Mini Skip is the smallest-size bin in all volumes of skips.  The Most Suitable Skip for small jobs. Get your Small work done with our Mini Skip. 


If you are looking for a trust able company that has serious in approach, then you are at the right spot. Skip Hire does its work according to the satisfaction of clients and provides them those advantages that are essential to get a skip. Our staff of Farnek services is always available for resolving a query of a client. Even one can call the support team and ask a question without placing the order and any charges.

We provide the cheap mini skip hire in the entire United Kingdom even without the delay of one minute and present to collect the skip at the fixed time. However, if one requires extra time, we will provide him. Our firm is licensed and is responsible for the unpleasant incident with a user. We recycle the waste material by following the UK Legislation and provide a record of it to the customer.

We try our best to keep a user happy; that is why we introduce a system by which if one is out of Skip Permit, we assist him/her. Our company can supply the skip for one day and wait for the skip until it’s not filled. As the holder gets loaded, the team collects it and goes to dispose of the trash. This procedure saves a client from the fine of the council regarding placing the skip on the road without permission. 

It’s the most suitable skip in the case of dimension as it requires a mini place and can be placed wherever one wants. Plus, its cost is budget-saving that one can easily afford. This environmentally friendly canister shields the surroundings from the pollution as we can recycle 80% to 90% waste material.


These skip are unique in its volume and divided into two categories as 2 Yard Skip and 3 Yard Skip:

2 Yard Midi Skip


2 Yard Skip is a Mini Skip and it is the smallest size of skips available in the UK.

  • Dimension: 3 feet Height x 4 feet Width x 5 feet Length
  • Capacity: 20-30 black bin bags. 
  • Average Price: £126 – £271
3 Yard Midi Skip


3 Yard Skip is also a Mini Skip but 3 yard skip is larger as compare to 2 Yard Skip.

  • Dimension: 4 feet width x 6 feet length x 3 feet height
  • Capacity: 30-40 black bin bags
  • Prices: £158 – £271


It’s pivotal to throw out the trash in the right way and everyone wishes to turn it down perfectly. However, the point of the concern is which company is the best to provide the canister with a suitable cost? Skip Hire Prices is a rare company in the matter of prices whose rates are matchless from others that is why our Mini Skip Cost is very low. No doubt, the cost of skip hire is clearly defined along with different aspects but we offer discounts to users which makes the rates further suitable like we supply £20 discounts for every skip.


It is useful for the deluge of small applications. Whether it’s the garden clean-up, kitchen or bathroom renovation and home renovation, you will find this canister fits for these tasks. Besides, most people click on it to make other multiple jobs easier for which they think this type is the best choice for them.


As already stated, it’s the minute size of skip so it’s very affordable in contrast to other skips. One can easily meet the expanse of the canister and sign on for it whensoever he/she needs it. The prices of Skip Hire Prices is very low as compare to other skip hire services providers.


2 Yard Skip & 3 Yard Skip is ideal for small project and the Prices of Mini Skips are very low according to your budget. Request Quote Now & Get £20 Discount Instantly!

Skip Hire Services


There are many uses of Mini Skip and some of them are given below:

Home Renovation

Undoubtedly, there will be a substantial amount of unwanted debris in the case of renovation. It is significant enough to manage it properly.

Organic Clearance

Whether there are leaves, branches or grass, this caddy is a useful tool to take on this debris. 

Domestic Waste Material

To manage household affairs is very easy for mini skip; for instance,

  • Room Maintenance
  • Small Clean-up
  • Quality Removal
  • Bathroom & Kitchen refits.

If one has a more small category of waste, it’s not a problem to put it in this type of skip.

Small Commercial Projects

Mini Skip is also beneficial for the construction sides if one has a small quantity of debris like putting the soil and bricks in the skip. 

Being a Backup Skip

It’s often utilized as a backup skip. For example, when the required size of one skip is unable to hold the full amount of the unwanted trash, the mini skip is handy here as the backup skip.

Good Enough for Social Gathering

This canister is sufficiently enough for social gatherings like office, school and club parties. Thus, no need to worry about garbage after such events.

An Environmental Friendly Bin

Not only this skip is suitable for cost but also for the environment. The paramount quantity of debris is recycled that keeps the surroundings safe and sound.

Easy to Keep in a Little Place

Since it is the smallest size of skips, it claims for less room than other skips. One can set it down on the private property easily and get rid from the following constituents:

  • Skip Permit: License is not required for keeping it in a personal location.
  • License Cost: Mini Skip saves one from the process of permit getting.
  • Process: Mini Skip saves one from a permit getting process that takes a bit much time and also, there is no need for the renewal of the license.