Farnek Skip Hire


Whether you are a seasoned professional builder or a domestic DIY devotee making home improvements, a 5 yard skip offers a convenient and affordable trash elimination solution for multiple jobs.


A 5 yard skip size is the largest midi skip size available in the United Kingdom. The skip size is also perfect for larger scales of garden cleanups as these skips are convenient to utilise. Skip hire prices change depending on your location and waste type so ask the skip hire company about their price ranges and costs.

5 Yard Skip Size Dimensions and Volume

A 5 yard skip has dimensions measuring 3.5 feet in height, 7.5 feet in length and 5 feet in width. The skip can handle approximately 55 black bags of trash, making it a convenient and ideal choice for various domestic applications.

Prohibited Objects You Cannot Throw in the Skips.

Skips are ideal for getting rid of waste and its different types, but certain waste types and materials are there that cannot be thrown into a 4 yard skip. Refer to the list below to ensure you do not throw the prohibited items into a skip.

  • Chemicals
  • Tyres
  • Electrical items
  • Gas cylinders
  • Paint
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Asbestos

Jobs Appropriate for 5 Yard Skip

5 yard skips are suitable for several applications and are versatile. This is why these skips are very popular with plenty of commercial and domestic clients. You can utilise a 5 yard skip in different projects such as:

  • Construction projects
  • Secondary work sites skip
  • Office cleanups
  • Garden clear outs
  • Home refurbishments
  • DIY jobs

It is necessary to consider your waste amount before hiring a skip that will be disposed of all the unwanted trash. Most types of general waste are permitted in 5 yard skip hire, including wood, bulky furniture, soil, rubble, hardcore trash, glass, etc.

Council Permit Requirement for a 5 Yard Skip

If you need to place a skip hire public land, you will require a skip permit. If your property is large enough to put the skip, you would not need a permit. Council permits differentiate from one council to another, so the council permit price varies depending on your location. You may upgrade to the 6 yard skip size if the 5 yard skip size does not meet your requirements.

Benefits of 5 Yard Skip

5 Yard Skip have so many benefits some of them are given below;


You can circumvent time consumption for transporting the rubbish and waste from your business or home to a trash elimination centre by hiring a skip. A 5 yard skip also makes waste disposal much more straightforward, be it simply broken or unwanted items or building material. With a skip located on a public highway or on your personal property, the only location you will require to travel with your trash is the skip. This is particularly beneficial if you need to take heavy trash items out of the personal property.


Needing to move 50-60 bags of trash for elimination could connote relatively quite a few trips to the local tip, depending on the size of the vehicle. If you lack time, all the trash will sit somewhere until you need to make the repeated journey costing you more fuel (heavier waste materials on your vehicle also means more fuel consumption). 

5 yard skip hire is a reasonable and cost-effective alternative that removes all the headaches and worries, letting you remove your trash efficiently and quickly and giving you your precious time to do other things.


You can rest assured with Farnek Skip Services knowing that we take the environment very seriously. We always aim to dispose of all the materials in the most environmentally friendly manner, so little is left to landfill sites when disposing of the trash from skips.


Most Frequent Questions & Answers

Removal teams and skip bags are the most popular alternatives to skips. When you only have a small amount of trash, skip bags are a popular trash elimination solution. Skip bags are available in different sizes fluctuating from 1-yard to 4.5-yards.

You can construct 12″ in the middle if you have built an assemblage with level edges. You can generally pile up to 12-18″ if the skip is filled with lighter components like plastic and pipes.

With the capacity to handle approximately 55 black trash-filled bags, the skip is perfect for construction works, office clearances, home refurbishment tasks, etc.

An overloaded skip, generally too heavy, is challenging to transport safely. Keep in mind that your skip provider will collect the skip by lifting it back onto their truck. A much heavy skip is dangerous to lift up and sometimes impossible.

If you have heavy trash like hardcore and soil, it can only be loaded to the halfway mark. A 5-yard skip like 4, 6 and 8-yard skips is appropriate for general trash like wood, furniture, soil, glass, hardcore trash and plasterboard.

Block paved, and soft tarmac driveways can be damaged or marked at times when putting down skips on them. Heavier skips need balanced equipment that can also cause damage sometimes.

Farnek’s 5-yard skips will fit in your garden or driveway, connoting you can get rid of your waste conveniently and quickly.

One of the trickiest bulky domestic trash items includes a mattress. To get rid of an unwanted old mattress, you are not permitted to throw your old mattress in the skip.

Appropriate items you can put in your skip hire include tiles, wood, clothes, garden waste, cardboard, paper, furniture and plaster. Heavy materials such as stones, rubble, clay, pottery, metals, concrete and bricks can also be thrown into skips after letting the skip provider know.