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If you are looking for an affordable, efficient and easy way to store and get rid of domestic trash, the 4 yard skip could provide the ideal solution.


The smallest midi skip range, a 4 yard skip is a versatile skip, generally used by both domestic and commercial customers. 4 yard skips offer the relaxation of onsite waste elimination at reasonable prices. A 4 yard skip is a perfect option for household jobs needing an affordable and convenient trash solution as it offers enough space to accommodate trash from garden clearances, kitchen or bathroom refits. This skip is also the best option as a secondary skip for waste items that cannot be mixed at construction sites. The 4 yard skip lends itself ideally to tasks where space is restricted, and because of the small size, it can be stored on driveways, gardens or off-road.

More Details on 4 Yard Skip Size

Our 4 yard skips are created for domestic use or small projects. If you are undertaking a small refurbishment job or clearing out your home, then it is necessary to get rid of your trash. Our friendly team will supply and collect the skip, eliminating rubbish in accordance with the ecological guidelines. Use reliable skip hire services and hire a 4 yard skip to save your time, potential accidents and money to handle your trash.

The low level, similar to the 2 yard skip size, makes 4 yard skip hire very easy to load and fill, also, these skips can be squeezed into small places to assist with the distance for loading. Farnek Skip Services always try to make your life and projects easier by handling all your waste, so if you have any questions regarding skip sizes and services, feel free to ask our friendly team.


The dimensions of a 4 yard skip are:

  • Volume: 180 to 200 bags of trash
  • Height: 3.5 feet
  • Width: 5 feet
  • Length: 7.5 feet

The 4 yard skip is perfect for small maintenance jobs and domestic clearances. The skip handles the waste equal to 45 trash bags.
We at Farnek Skip Services are committed to providing the highest standard of skip services, and we aim to make a 4 yard skip hiring across the South East of England affordable and easy. Our professional team also dispose of and eliminate waste efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner.

If you want to know more about a 4 yard skip service and hiring process, get in touch with our experienced and professional team, who is always ready to help you.

For which jobs a 4 yard skip is suitable?

Something that seems very simple, like clearing out a room, can produce large amounts of waste; the best way to handle all the debris is hiring a 4-yard skip. Many people, because of the wrong perception, do not hire a skip service as they are of the view skips are totally a waste of money; however, skip hiring connotes you will promote environmentally friendly practices and save money. 

Your time is precious, but multiple trips to the local waste disposal centre take a lot of time and fuel consumption. Fly-tipping not only causes pollution, costs taxpayers prices to clear up and destroys people’s living spaces but also is illegal. Reliable and affordable skip hire is the best way to eliminate your domestic trash and is the perfect solution to avoid fly-tipping.

Order a 4 Yard Skip Today

You can utilise our convenient online booking system or connect to our friendly customer service if you would like to order a 4-yard skip or for further information. You will need a license or permit if you plan on putting down your skip on the street. Our skips are sized to suit your garden or driveways; we are happy to assist you in getting one.  

Reliable Farnek Skip Services guarantee supply and collection when you select it, and we are proud of our dedicated, consistent and reliable team.


Most Frequent Questions & Answers

A 4-yard skip is the cheapest skip size to hire among all the skips, with affordable prices. The skip prices can vary because of several reasons, including the waste type you are throwing in the skip and the geographical location for which you are needing skip hire.

The top of the skip will be loaded with broken, sharp items, which can easily hurt the skip collectors and passersby, and it can be challenging to collect the skip by the efficient teams. Things can fall out if the skip is overloaded, or they may roll out in the street. It is specifically hazardous when the skip is overfilled and being transferred.

There are drainage ho.es in some skips, so before skip hiring, ask your skip company if your skip has any drainage holes in the bottom; if there are any drainage holes, locate that. You can open the drain by walking inside if the skip has a ramp for entrance. Any liquid in the skip can pour out if the skip has drainage holes.

Wood products such as hardwood flooring, tree stumps, wood furniture and any other wood products can be thrown into your skip.

You can likely put all the garden soil in a 4-yard skip. If you require more skips instead of one skip, you can go with the man and van service as it has the capacity to handle larger amounts of rubble and soil.

Different types of waste can be mixed into a skip if you have the right skip size for the purpose. For example, heavy goods and garden waste can only be thrown into skip sizes of 4,6 and 8-yard skip sizes.

A 4-yard skip weighs approximately 125 kg when it is empty, roughly the same trash as a sheep (55kg) and two kangaroos (35kg each).