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Midi Skip is the most proper waste carrier in the United Kingdom. Hire the most suitable 4 & 5 yard skips to clean your waste. Hire Quickly & Get Amazing Discounts


Midi Skip can holds the sizable amount of domestic and garden debris and certain people utilize it for industrial and construction sides. This Skip is also the best option for builders who put into service it for carrying the material from one place to another and our Midi Skip Hire Cost is unbeatable in the UK.


There are two volumes in this type: 4 Yard Skip & 5 Yard Skip. Both of these sizes cope with notable projects like 4 Yard Skip is used for garden clearance and 5 Yard Skip tackles home renovation and commercial tasks. These dimensions are peculiar in features; that is why the citizens of the UK click to hire Farnek cheapest Midi Skip.

4 Yard Midi Skip


4 Yard Skip is a Midi Skip and it is the smallest size of midi skips available in the UK.

  • Volume: 5 feet wide x 7 feet long x 3 feet high
  • Capacity: Keep up to 45 black bin bags
  • Prices: £176 – £214
5Yard Midi Skip


5 Yard Skip is also a Midi Skip but 5 yard skip is larger as compare to 4 Yard Skip.

  • Volume: 5 feet wide x 7.5 feet long x 3.5 feet high
  • Capacity: Can hold more than 55 black bin bags


There are many uses of Midi Skip and some of them are given below:

Home Renovation

Midi Skip hire is substantial for modernizing the home, especially the room and replacing the broken pieces of furniture and solidified paint. The 5 Yard skip is the ideal choice for handling this sort of job.

DIY Projects

Midi Skip Hire can hold unwanted objects. If one is going to renovate the home, the 4 Yard Skip is versatile for keeping the decorating material and metal.

Organic Waste

It is absolute for putting the rubbish of extensive garden clearance like to throw the grass, leaves, wood, branches and foliage. 4 Yard Skip is good enough to redesign the garden completely.

Inert Waste

Midi Skip is beneficial for the material that can’t mix with items (Inert Waste). It efficiently manages bricks, soil, hardcore and tiles in commercial and construction sides.

Mix Waste

We also keep the mixed waste in it like the trash of the garden and home, e.g, kitchen and bathroom refits. However, one must not blend hazardous items with non-hazardous articles. 


Although it’s beneficial for commercial projects, the most quantity of waste material can be recycled on the skip because the majority of people use it for household affairs. Thus, it doesn’t let pollution harm the environment.

Not Required Skip Permit

This skip is spacious for its work and beneficial for holding on a small spot. Its size is suited to place it at drive away and get rid of the skip license that expands the rate (£15 to £30) and one has to follow specific rules.


4 Yard Skip & 5 Yard Skip both are also called Midi Skips. Now you can hire Midi Skip at very cheap prices as compare to other companies in the United Kingdom.

Skip Hire Services


One should be very cautious before signing on a company on account of many websites are scam and don’t fulfill clients’ requirements properly. To save yourself from these services, keep these points in minds:

  • The support team should be active and guide you at every spot.
  • The prices must be affordable.
  • Reviews must be positive on the performance of the company and seem genuine.
  • Be sure about the registration of the corporation from the Environmental Agency.
  • Delivery should be on committed time.

Skip Hire Prices is the best option for those who are trying to find a reliable company because Skip Hire Prices offering best and affordable Midi Skip Hire Prices in the UK. Our testimonials are proof of the positive reputation of the company. We have set up the system in the whole United Kingdom that being the case, we are unique in different ways:

  • Timely delivery
  • 20% discounts
  • Provides the skip of all types (covered & opened) and all dimensions.
  • A licensed company that recycles 70% – 80% waste material.

We consider ourselves to be responsible in the matter of the client’s dissatisfaction. It’s the policy of Skip Hire to pay the user if the company staff damages the soft drive away from the customer. In addition, we compensate the client concerning a complaint because our motto is: “User’s Satisfaction.”


It’s a prime part of one’s life to hire a skip but one should be a bit vigilant before requiring the skip. Some helpful tips assist in the process of skip hire.

Place the Order Timely

Hiring a skip on a short note can expand the rates because several skips are already booked. So one should order in advance to avoid the extra fees and choose the size with full verification.

Don't Ask for Skip Permit

The Midi Skip doesn’t have a significant extent and can be kept in a personal place. Literally, the skip license cost is £15 to £30 and one has to follow a procedure to get and renew the permit. Thus, putting the skip without a license is the best option for one to get at liberty from the mentioned points.

Recycle the Waste

One must look for the recycling companies and let them recycle the debris. It will dispose of the amount of waste and one will be able to call for the smaller skip that will be beneficial in the case of rates in contrast to larger dimensions.

Exact Size of the Skip

The volume determines the prices of the skip. So it’s necessary to select the right size of the skip. For example, if you call the more extended size, it will increase the price and in the matter of a shorter skip, you have to order for a backup skip.

Save the Drive Away

In most cases, the skip defiles the soft drive away and any other soft part of the flour. To overcome this situation, Place a strong substance/clipboard beneath the skip to avert the soft drive away from being damaged.