Farnek Skip Hire


The 18 yard skip hire service in the United Kingdom means that the domestic and commercial waste is recycled and appropriately handled, rather than being maltreated and playing a part in land pollution.


The world has been subject to a lot of environmental damage and pollution, particularly in recent years. This has infected climate and nature in several ways, and in future, it can create serious problems. So, the skip hire system has come up to arrange trash treatments to stop some land pollution taking place and handle the trash in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. 

These skips are commonly best for larger jobs where a considerable amount of trash is generated. These skips are ideal for commercial jobs such as office and shop refurbishments and site clearances. As it is the largest in the maxi skip category, it can handle large waste amounts.


The vast dimensions of an 18 yard skip are;

  • Volume: 180 to 200 bags of trash
  • Height: 7 feet
  • Width: 6.5 feet
  • Length: 13.5 feet

It is easy to predict that this skip, according to the dimensions, can carry 190 to 200 black trash bags. This skip, according to the dimensions, can easily handle heavy and bulky items.

18 Yard Skip Hire Price

The hiring prices of this 18 yard skip depend upon several factors, including your hiring period, location, skip provider, permit cost, etc. the longer you have the skip on your site, the more you will be charged. Farnek provides the 18 yard skip at the best cost-effective prices as we have an excellent reputation regarding skip service and skip delivery in the United Kingdom.

Ordering a cheap 18 yard skip in the UK might be the most cost-effective option to get rid of all the trash you’ve accumulated over the previous few months while still getting good value for your money. When you have garden rubbish to throw away, you have two options: pay big money to have it removed, or rent a skip from an inexpensive or reputable skip business that will ensure that no quantity of trash is too much. 

The pricing transparency helps us to remain competitive and reasonable in the area. We make certain that you have an approach to the most excellent skips, rates, and pricing system available. We don’t charge any hidden fee or additional expenses. So, go ahead and hire an 18-yard bin without hesitation.

Types of Jobs 18 Yard Skip

Businesses use 18-yard maxi dumpsters for industrial or building clearing because they typically have large garbage that cannot be placed in smaller skips. This skip can accommodate a variety of hefty goods. Hardcore, dirt, debris, and other heavy materials should not be placed in this skip since it will be tough to shift the skip, and it will become overweight.

If you have a lot of trash to get rid of, an 18 yard skip is excellent, and larger containers are common in commercial and industrial settings where heavy and light waste is created, such as construction sites and retail fittings. 

Domestic consumers can also employ these skips for major projects, including a whole-house renovation. These skips, on the other side, are not intended for the transportation of stones or dirt. Our trained team can also help you choose the right skip size of your needs; if an 18-yard skip is all you need, contact us right away to place your order.


Most Frequent Questions & Answers

If you need to place the skip on the council-owned property, you will be must get a skip permit from your local council. Usually, the company you get a skip from acquiring the skip permit from the council to eliminate your worries and hassle. The permit cost depends upon the location, size and duration of the skip.

Usually, in the United Kingdom, the hiring period offered by most companies is 7-14 days, but depending on your requirements, it can be enhanced or decreased. The minimum will be the period, and the lesser the hiring costs will be so accurate that the calculation of the hiring period will be better.

Depending on the availability, mostly skip is supplied at your site within 24 to 48 hours after the order is placed. Hence, the 18-yard maxi skip is big to make sure to offer particular instructions on where to put down the skip. The skip will be collected carefully once it is filled and eliminated in an environmentally friendly way.

Some items that are not allowed to be put down in an 18-yard because of their hazardous effects are listed below;

  • Gas cylinders
  • Oil/Paint
  • Electric items
  • Chemicals
  • Tyres
  • Batteries
  • Raw meat.

You may be charged additional costs as a result of the violation of these laws.

An 18-yard skip can hold and carry large amounts of trash, and it is more significant as compared to an 18-yard skip. You can select this skip if you have heavy amounts of debris from industrial or commercial jobs.

The cost may differ for different areas in the United Kingdom. It also is dependent on the hiring period and competition in the market.

18-yard is the largest maxi skip that you can hire from any company. This skip size is ideal for handling large amounts of trash. If you have a considerable amount of junk to get rid of, an 18-yard skip is a perfect option to throw all the waste away.

Most skip service companies have drivers who take skip trash to rubbish transfer stations or landfills for removal before they are taken to cremate for recycling, hazardous trash facility or landfills. However, some companies will take skip trash straight to landfill sites.