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A 16 yard skip service is the best choice among all the skip sizes. Because these maxi skip sizes are one and half times the size of other skips, making them more convenient and cost-efficient for clients. 


16 yard skip is generally large enough to handle all types of materials, from an entire home to a whole office clearout. A 16 yard skip among all skip sizes in the area is an excellent choice for any professional home cleanup job or when you require it to get rid of the large waste or rubbish amounts.

16 Yard Maxi Skip Hire

A 16 yard skip service, for most domiciliary demands, is seemingly to be more than enough, and it is also expected to attract building sites and commercial requirements. Demolition projects and industrial sites, in some cases, will require grab hire and larger skips. However, a 16-yard skip is double in size than the skip hire you would expect to see in the local area on someone’s driveway.

It is sensible to enquire first or take a professional’s opinion on what works perfectly in terms of value, size and volume. Farnek will never intentionally deliver you a skip that will be more than your waste and will be difficult for you to handle. 

So, if you are still unsure whether or not a local 16-yard skip will be right for you, it is time to speak with us; we will help you regarding your waste size and skip size needed.

16 Yard Skip Dimensions

16-yard maxi skips are 4th largest skips in the maxi skips category, and these skips can hold approximately 170 black trash bags, making them an excellent option for the elimination of substantial trash amounts. A 16-yard skip hire is an excellent option for large commercial and construction jobs as it can handle more trash than other skips. 

Farnek Skip Services recommends the 16 yard skip if you require a skip for a commercial and industrial sites. Despite the extra-large sizes of trash generated, we provide 16 yard skip at an affordable price. So, you can eliminate all the waste without needing to spend a heavy amount.

Kind of Jobs 16 Yard Skip is Suitable

16 yard skips are famous among businesses for commercial or construction clearances as they generally have bulky trash that would not be able to be put down in smaller skips. You can fit multiple bulky materials into this skip. Do not put hardcore, soil, rubble etc., in this skip as it will be difficult to lift the skip, and it will get overweight. A 16 yard skip is ideal if you have a lot of rubbish to get rid of, and larger dumpsters are highly popular in industrial and commercial locations where bulky and light waste is generated, such as building sites and store fittings. 

These skips can also be used by domestic clients for large projects, such as a complete house makeover. These skips, on the other hand, are not designed to transport stones or soil. Our knowledgeable staff will also assist you in determining the suitable skip size for your needs, and if a 16 yard skip is what you want, contact us immediately to place your order.

Low-Priced 16 Yard Skip

Farnek is a leading name in the United Kingdom with high-quality services and affordable prices, guaranteeing the best value for money paid. A 16 yard skip is best for loft clearance, large garden clearouts and other big projects you have in mind. Farnek’s 16 yard skips are provided at very cost-effective prices, and we have an exemplary reputation for quick skip delivery. Getting a cheap 16-yard skip in the United Kingdom can be the best way to eliminate all the rubbish generated over the last months while still obtaining value o your money. 

When you have garden trash to dispose of, you have two options either pay a lot of money to get it cleared or hire a skip from an affordable or reliable skip company ensuring that no amount of trash is too much. The transparency on prices assists us in staying competitive and affordable in the area. We ensure that you have access to the best skips, prices and upfront pricing system. No extra costs or hidden fee is added there. So hire a 16-yard skip without any hesitation.

Cheapest Skip Hire Services

Farnek Skip Services is pleased to provide 16 yard skip to meet your needs. We can provide you with a small 16-yard maxi skip for any residential rubbish or even business trash removal.

Call Farnek Skip Company today to schedule your 16 yard skip service or for more information. You may call our friendly team for more details and book your skip now, or you can utilize our online service to contact our experienced, local crew.


Most Frequent Questions & Answers

A council permit must be secured if the skip is intended to be placed on council-owned lands. The local councils charge you depending on the skip location and its placement. There is no need for a permit if the skip will be placed on a privately owned property.

It’s against the law to overfill a skip. This, together with the safety concerns, should be enough to persuade you not to overburden a skip. In this situation, the skip will get so complete that the person who arrives to retrieve it will refuse to do so.

  • Don’t get in the way of the utility approach.
  • Keep the skip at least 15 metres away from crosswalks.
  • Parking restrictions for skips have been placed on yellow lines.
  • The method should not be limited to driveways.

The majority of skip hiring firms in the United Kingdom provide skip services for 7 to 14 days. It implies that you may store a skip for a week in your driveway. If you require a skip for a long time, you may talk to the skip supplier about your demands and make necessary arrangements to extend the skip duration.