Farnek Skip Hire


When it comes to skip hire, Farnek Skip Services offers a variety of solutions. If you’re searching for a large 14 yard skip, we have the most significant quality skips.


They’re built to manage rubbish from large construction projects. This skip is ideal for removing a considerable number of large goods from a domestic setting. The 14 yard skip may be the best alternative for you if you need to get rid of big yet lightweight stuff. A 14 yard skip may hold around 120-145 trash bags.

Farnek Skip Services has a number of options available. You may need a skip for commercial purposes or domestic waste elimination. With a variety of skip services, no job is too small or too big.

14 Yard Skip Applications

Large skip bins and bags are required for construction and industrial clearance operations so that waste may be easily removed. We recognise that our crew is among the finest in the industry; we’ve been disposing of rubbish for years, and we’ve gained a more excellent grasp of what our customers want. Our 14 yard skip are ideal for anyone who needs to eliminate debris from their home or business. 

These skips are great for large-scale home renovations such as main bathroom remodels and office or shop refittings. The skip is suitable for lightweight and bulky waste because the heavy weighing skip will be challenging to lift up by skip collectors. You can put down timber, paper, light furniture, plastic etc. and nothing heavy such as C&D waste, rubble or soil etc. 


  • Height: 6 feet
  • Width: 5.5 feet
  • Length: 12 feet

Farnek Skip Hire guarantees that your individual wants and expectations are addressed. The 14 yard skip for rent is suitable for all budgets, so don’t discount yourself just because you’ve just had to tighten your purse strings. We guarantee that our lowest skip hiring services are the most cost-effective and easy trash management solution available in the United Kingdom.

Commercial Uses of 14 Yard Skip

You will need a 14–yard maxi skips if you are working on a construction or commercial project. Farnek’s 14-yard maxi skips are best to handle the trash you produce in a large scale construction or commercial project. The registered skips offered at Farnek Skip Services are ideal for handling commercial, small developmental and construction waste. If you are unsure which skip size is best for your job, look at the various options and get in touch with our professional team to help you select the right skip size according to your requirement. Large commercial skips cost more, but Farnek Skip Services offer a cost-effective and budget-friendly 14-yard maxi skip solution to the clients suiting their needs.

Benefits of 14 Yard Maxi Skip

14-yard maxi skip is referred to because of various advantages this skip size offers:


Nobody enjoys looking out their balcony at a mound of trash. If you’re like most people, you’ll want to get rid of your domestic waste as soon as possible so that your home can return to normal. Our 14-yard maxi skips services assist you in removing junk from your property quickly.

Efficiency in all areas

Throwing away potentially large amounts of trash takes a lot of time and work, especially if you have to transport it yourself. While construction leftovers vary in price, renting our 14-yard maxi skip will certainly save you money, work, and time.

Clean-up & Renovations on an Annual Basis

Nowadays, it’s more commonly referred to as decluttering, and it may be done whenever is most convenient. Decluttering may often turn into a more extensive home remodelling or décor job, resulting in more waste than you can sensibly toss away in your local waste container. In these cases, a 14-yard maxi skip may be the best option.

To keep the structures in good repair

You’ll probably create a lot of rubbish if your workplace or building requires a lot of work. As a result, you’ll need construction skips to clear the rubble heaps. Skips would be the only way to finish your construction job without accumulating waste.

Expert Consultation

When you get a 14-yard maxi skip from us, we’ll walk you through all of the legal and regulatory parts of skip hire, including what you can and can’t put in it to obtaining licences and on-road permits.


Most Frequent Questions & Answers

A 14-yard skip can accommodate more extensive home remodelling and repair projects, as well as business and construction jobs. A 14-yard skip can carry roughly 120-145 black trash bags and heavy debris.

The maxi 14-yard skip is popular for store fits and office clearouts since it is great for huge bulky objects that are not particularly heavy. It is not recommended to load a 14-yard maxi skip with stone and soil since the heavy rubbish cannot be transported through 14-yard skips.

Tree roots cannot be thrown with a skip. Tree waste is tough to handle and much more challenging to recycle since it is difficult to break down. Other trash kinds, such as garden soil, debris, and leaves, can be disposed of in mini, midi, or builders’ skips.

If you don’t have enough room in your home for a 14-yard maxi skip, you can apply for a skip permit or a licence from your local council to keep the area clean. Placing a 14-yard maxi skip on state property is ideal since it will not compete with your personal property and keep your neighbourhood clean.

Despite common perception, you may place tree limbs in a mixed-waste skip since the UK government has said that yard waste is deemed mixed junk, making it totally permissible to dispose of garden debris in a mixed-waste skip.

As all conifers are difficult to break down, it is recommended that you chop/shred when feasible, and combine a little quantity of chopped or shredded conifer with easy to digest rubbish (a bucket full each move).

Fill it with ideas about how to maximise the room within your 14-yard skip. All flat items, such as worktops and boards, should be placed first, then any heavy or large items. Also, make sure your trash is compressed to save space.
If you are looking for the 14-yard maxi skip, then contact Farnek Skip Services; we offer this ideal skip size to eliminate your worries.