Farnek Skip Hire


Farnek’s 12 yard skip is perfect for transferring large, bulky, lightweight items and is famous for commercial waste, light construction jobs and house clearances.


The 12 yard skip is ideal for waste materials such as metals, wood, plastic, or cardboard. 12 yard maxi skip is famous for working on commercial and large houses waste elimination. The maxi skips are among the most famous larger skips available, and commercial clients regularly utilize 12 yard skip for larger projects that include general construction waste and bulky items. The 12 yard skip is best to handle domestic waste generated in considerable amounts. These skips are not suitable for loading heavy materials like stone and soil.

12 Yard Skip Dimensions

Skip sizes often vary between manufacturers and suppliers, so your selected skip company may have little different dimensions, but most 12-yard maxi skip dimensions are:

  • Volume:  120 to 130 bags of trash
  • Height: 6.5 feet
  • Width: 6 feet
  • Length: 13 feet

Upon hiring a 12-yard maxi skip from Farnek Skip Services, the efficient team members deliver it to your site and put down the skip without you requiring to be present there. Farnek Skip Services is sure that our pricing policy is very cost-effective and straightforward as it does not strain your pocket.

How to Start Loading the Skip

It would be best to guarantee that the skip is filled to an ultimate load, i.e. the debris, and that the sides of the skip are level. If you fill it up the skip, you will be charged an additional fee. The operator will not be allowed to move the skip if it is loaded to the level where it is judged dangerous to carry and throw it away from the rubbish.

Do not place the following objects in the skip while filling it with trash:

  • Televisions or monitors.
  • Tyres.
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Asbestos.
  • Liquids
  • Fridges
  • Paints
  • Solvents

Alternatively, do not include anything else in the skip hire that might be damaging.

Suitable Jobs for 12 Yard Skip

Besides the affordable prices and convenience, one of the fundamental reasons for 12-yard maxi skips are so famous in the United Kingdom is the number of items that can be put down in them. 12 yard skip is best for domestic waste, organic waste, furniture, wood, plastic, metal and much more; however, a few restrictions are there.

Benefits of 12 Yard Skip

There are many benefits of 12 yard skip some of them are mentioned below;


Multiple trips to landfills to discard rubbish waste time and cost, especially with the recent increase in gasoline prices. You don’t have to pay extra for transportation when renting a 12-yard maxi skip. It is a cost-effective alternative because you must spend for the skip capacity you rent.

Environmentally Friendly

Farnek Skip Services has a large variety of skip sizes, so their skip services may satisfy your demands for finding the precise skip size you need. Farnek’s 12-yard maxi skip is the best environmentally friendly skip as it handles a large amount of commercial trash.


Making many visits to eliminate trash takes a lot of time, and you have to put in some effort as well. Hiring a skip bin saves you time and money by allowing you to skip repeated journeys. Its significant benefit is that it is convenient for you. Waste Hire Bristol makes your life easier by delivering skip bins to your specified location.

Trash Disposal Done Right

By using the services of a reputable skip hiring business, you can be confident that your scrap material will be treated with care, and your firm’s reputation will be preserved. Skip Hire Bristol disposes of your scrap stuff correctly.

Avoid Getting into Legal Trouble

In every scenario, local governments are concerned about how trash is collected. You must adhere to the tight guidelines established to control the procedures. Without authorization, you cannot, for example, plant skips in particular regions. Without the permission of the local municipality, these 12-yard maxi skips can be put on your lawn or driveway.


Most Frequent Questions & Answers

A 12-yard maxi skip is best utilized for bulky renovation works, office clearance or house clearance. It can handle approximately 120-130 trash bags, but it cannot be loaded with heavy trash materials like soil, bricks, etc. The skip vehicle will not be able to carry and transfer it.

When empty, a 12-yard maxi skip weighs approximately 375kb (824lbs); it is the same weight as two medium-sized St Bernard (approximately 90 kg each) dogs and a male lion of about 195kg.

Tree roots cannot be thrown with a skip. Tree waste is tough to handle and much more difficult to recycle since it is difficult to break down. Other trash kinds, such as garden soil, debris, and leaves, can be disposed of in mini, midi, or builders’ skips.

The maxi 12-yard skip is popular for store fits and office clearouts since it is great for huge bulky objects that are not particularly heavy. It is not recommended to load a 12-yard maxi skip with stone and soil since the heavy garbage cannot be transported through 12-yard skips.

The smallest maxi skip that may be placed on a road after getting skip permit is a 10-yard maxi skip, but you can ask your local council if a 12-yard skip can be placed on public property. Putting a  12-yard skip on private land, on the other hand, is the most excellent option, and it also makes hiring easier.

As all conifers are difficult to break down, it is recommended that you chop/shred when feasible and combine a little quantity of broken or crushed conifer with easy to digest rubbish (a bowl full each move).

  • Asbestos cannot be thrown in a skip due to its toxicity.
  • Batteries: Due to the dangerous components in batteries, they cannot be dumped in conventional skips.
  • Freezers and refrigerators
  • Tyres
  • Paint cans and paints

Contrary to common perception, tree branches can be placed in a mixed rubbish skip. This is due to the fact that garden waste is classified as “mixed residential rubbish” in the United Kingdom. As a result, it is recommended to dispose of tee branches and leaves in a combined rubbish skip.

Fill it with a plan for making the most of your 12-yard skip’s area. All flat items, such as worktops and plywood, must be loaded first, then any heavy or oversized items. Also, make sure your trash is compressed to save space.