Farnek Skip Hire


Farnek Skip Services provides a wide range of skip sizes, including the 10 yard skip, which is particularly popular with household, corporate, and commercial customers.


Farnek is ecstatic to be able to guarantee our 10 yard skip for a longer or shorter amount of time, and you will surely discuss substitutes throughout the skip procedure for the duration of the entire timeslot. Our CRB-checked amiable drivers will deliver the 10 yard skip to your location and place it where you want, so you won’t have to become involved in the procedure. Once the skip is full, our experienced skip collectors will come to your location and collect and remove the skip on their own, leaving your property tidy and clean.

Suitable Tasks for a 10 Yard Skip Size

10 yard skips are appropriate for different applications, and they are the popular option and selection of both commercial and domestic clients for different jobs. These 10 yard skip units are also appropriate for different small home renovation tasks which are carried out at the same time and are best for DIY enthusiasts to handle a considerable amount of waste produced.

It is best suited to clear out waste after multiple rooms renovation in a home. A 10 yard skip for a single house clearance will possibly be too big until the house is huge. This maxi skip may be more suitable for projects that involve small offices, premises, or businesses.

The maxi 10 yard skip is the best fit for medium to large jobs, including commercial or domestic. Due to the sturdy build and extra size, the skip ensures several large, bulky, yet light-weighted items can be carried out. The trash that can easily be handled through this 10 yard maxi skip includes;

  • Different bulky trash objects.
  • No heavy items.
  • Building extensions.
  • Construction trash.

How to Load the Skip

You are required to ensure the skip is loaded to a load level, i.e. the trash, with the sides is level. You will be subjected to a surcharge if you overfill the skip. However, if you load the skip to the point where it is considered unsafe to transport and dispose of the waste, the company will not be able to move it.

While loading the skip with trash, do not add the following items;

  • Monitors or televisions.
  • Tyres.
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Asbestos.
  • Liquids
  • Fridges
  • Paints
  • Solvents
  • Or do not add anything else in the skip hire that is possibly harmful.


The common dimensions of a 10 yard maxi skip measure 6 feet wide, 6 feet high, and 12 feet long, which is slightly larger than 8-yard builders skips; these skips can hold and safely dispose of approximately 100 black bags of trash. The 10 yard maxi skips are the best fit for commercial or domestic refits or renovations. 

The 10-yard skip is ideal for large amounts of waste, including bulky and lightweight trash. Farnek is dedicated to providing the highest possible standards of professional skip services. Registered 10-yard maxi skips will be effectively collected and eliminated in an environmentally-friendly manner when the skip is filled.

Competitive Prices of 10 Yard Skip Hire

The 10 yard maxi skip is suitable for every kind of trash, including commercial or large-scale domestic waste as well as construction trash and lumpy refuse. We at Farnek Skip Services give value for comprehensive prices and money for the 10 yard maxi skips. The 10 yard skips available at Farnek Skip Services always offer cost-effective and budget-friendly skips meeting customers’ needs.


Most Frequently Questions & Answers

A 10-yard skip generally offers more space for more extensive home renovation and improvement projects, as well as commercial and building projects. A 10-yard skip can hold bulky waste and about 100 black rubbish bags.

The maxi 10-yard skip is very common for shop fittings and office clearouts as these skips are ideal for large bulky items that are not heavy. It is not appropriate to fill a 10-yard maxi skip with stone and soil as it becomes unable to transfer the heavy waste through 10-yard skips.

You cannot use a skip to throw tree roots. The trash from a tree is difficult to handle and is more difficult to recycle by breaking down. However, other waste types like garden soil, rubble and leaves are fine to place in mini, midi or builders’ skips.

The 10-yard maxi skip is the largest skip that can be placed on a road, but you can contact your local council if they permit to place a 10-yard skip on public land. However, placing a 10-yard skip on private land is best, and it also makes hiring easy.

You can put tree branches in a mixed trash skip, opposite to popular belief. This is because the United Kingdom clearly points out that garden trash is considered to be “mixed domestic trash”. This makes it ideally lawful to get rid of tee leaves and branches in a mixed trash skip.

You are suggested to chop/shred where possible as all conifers are tough to break down and try to add a small (a bucket full each move) amount of chopped or shredded conifer mixed with easy to digest trash.

Fill it with a strategy to create the most out of the space in your 10-yard skip. All flat materials, such as countertops and plywood, should be loaded first, followed by all heavy or big things. Also, to conserve space, make sure your rubbish is compacted.

  • Because of its toxicity, asbestos cannot be disposed of in a skip.
  • Batteries: Batteries cannot be disposed of in regular skips due to the hazardous components they contain.
  • Tyres
  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • Cans of paint and paints