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Maxi Skip is an extensive tool for the vast amount of waste material. Checkout out latest Five Maxi Skip Sizes and Save your money by hiring the Exact size.


Maxi Skips of Farnek Services are one of the most larger skips available in the United Kingdom. These can hold a huge amount of waste, best for commercial, domestic and ideal for industrial applications with cheap Maxi Skip Hire Cost. These are larger then builder skip but smaller in size as compare to RORO Skips that is why these skips are best for getting rid of bulky items and heavy materials that make these Maxi Skips ideal solution for waste removal in the United Kingdom.


Maxi Skip Hire is available in five different sizes: 10 Yard Skip, 12 Yard Skip, 14 Yard Skip, 16 Yard Skip and 18 Yard Skip. These Skips generally used for full home renovation, office, retail clear outs, large scale garden clean ups and for different waste disposal projects.

Midi Skip Hire prices


10 Cubic Yard Skip is the smallest size of Maxi Skip Hire that holds large projects of household and construction areas.

  • Volume : 6 feet height × 6 feet width × 12 feet length
  • Capacity: 100 – 110 black bin bags
  • Price : £258 – £364
Midi Skip Hire prices


It’s the second largest size of the Maxi Skip Hire and 12 Yard holder is top-notch for the commercial or industrial projects.

  • Volume : 6 height × 6 feet width × 13 feet length
  • Capacity: 120 – 130 black bin bags
  • Price : £277 – £367
Midi Skip Hire prices


This Skip is more substantial than 12 Yard Skip. Best option for large domestic refurbishments like bedroom redesigns & bathroom upgrades.

  • Volume : 6.5 feet width × 6.5 feet height × 13 feet length
  • Capacity : 120 – 145
  • Price : £303 – £450
Midi Skip Hire prices


16 Yard Skip an efficient and easy way for commercial applications and household projects, e.g. Removing an old driveway & wall replacement. 

  • Volume : 6 feet wide × 13.5 feet long × 6.5 feet high
  • Capacity : 170 – 180 black bin bags
  • Price : £316 – £525
Midi Skip Hire prices


18 Yard Skip is popular for the industrial and construction sides. It’s operated for keeping metal, plastic, bricks, building rubble & hardcore. 

  • Volume : 7 feet height × 6.5 feet width × 13.5 feet 
  • Capacity : 190 – 200 black bin bags
  • Prices : £1450


It’s part of the daily routine to dispose of the waste material. Why not hire a skip for this job? However, it’s costly to call for a canister from a company; thus, one should be a bit aware before ordering a skip. One can turn down the price of the holder by following a few tips.

Choose the Right Size

it’s crucial to select the size of the skip in line with the amount of debris. You have to pay extra prices in the case of a larger or smaller dimension of the holder. So click on the right extant and save yourself from the over-charge.

Skip Permit Choice

The second main point is the Skip Permit choice. It’s a license that one has to get from the local council for placing the canister on the public location. Also, the additional cost (£15 – £30) is required to obtain the permit. Therefore, one should put the holder in a private area to reduce the fee of the license.

Don't Expand the Skip Duration

Keep the canister according to the fixed time that is committed in the order section. Skip Hire companies claim for extra charges if one wants to keep the skip for more days than the agreement.

Don't put the Prohibited Articles

Don’t put the prohibited items in the skip. Every company fines the individual for putting the hazardous waste. There is a list of these articles that will inform you about the restricted material that can’t throw in the canister:

  • Freezers/fridge
  • Paint
  • Diesel
  • Batteries
  • Electrical Items
  • Petrol
  • Plasterboard
  • Gas Cylinder
  • Tyres
  • Asbestos
  • Fluorescent Tube
  • Car Tyres

Don't Overload the Skip

The overrunning skip is legally banned; hence, one should be responsible so don’t overfill the canister. In the case to throw more items than the dimension of a holder, plenty of skip companies require extra charges. Moreover, the overload skip can’t manage the trash accurately and some debris remains on the road and the council, too, fines for such situations.


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Skip Hire Services


Skip Hire Prices is a registered organization whose goal is to satisfy users. We’ve researched the prime issues of people concerning debris and established a system that is entirely in line with people’s requirements. So, We provide certain features to users that one can scarcely get from other services.

Delivery in Line with User's Directions

One can get the skip at any time and from every location because we have our company branches in every city of the UK. Besides, We don’t have any fixed time for delivery, a user can call us at the stretched night; we’ll be present for disposing of the waste material.

Exceptional Discounts & Affordable Prices

Not only are our rates affordable but also discounts policy is very beneficial for clients and we provide 20% discounts to customers that make the prices appropriate and one can easily manage to call for a skip.

Licensed Firm

Skip Hire is a registered firm that recycles 70 – 80 percent waste material. We have a great reputation in the field of the waste and skip services.

Easy Booking Process

The order procedure is smooth and a client can order by following a few points.
1. Click on the button of order and provide us the specification; e.g.,

  • Your Name
  • Contact Number
  • Location
  • Skip Size
  • Skip Permit Choice
  • Skip Duration
  • Any specific instructions

2. Next, our system will calculate the cost in keeping with a client’s choice and notifies him/her.
3. One received the canister on the given time at the right spot that was mentioned in the order.