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Farnek Services Ltd® has been serving its customers for years in waste management. We are delivering skip hire Ashford Services at very reasonable prices without compromising the quality of skip hire services. We have ideal sizes and dimensions of skips that are generally useful to collect waste in the United Kingdom. 

At Farnek Services Ltd,® we are providing Skip Hire Ashford Services at cheap rates. We are collecting your unwanted waste and disposing of it as per the legal obligations of the waste management authorities. The technical department and customer services team is accessible at our given contact details. We are available to serve you anytime.

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Choose Farnek for hiring a skip in Ashford. We are providing affordable skips, including same-day delivery services. Despite the low rates, we do not compromise over services standard. We are available to serve you with a piece of required skip information any time and from anywhere in the United Kingdom.


Skip Hire Ashford is available in multiple dimensions to help you in getting rid of your unwanted waste. You can order us to hire a skip from anywhere in Ashford. Indeed, you will find our skips reasonable in price, and even for some skips, our prices are low compared to competitors.


Waste management requires a man & van service for the prompt removal of waste from your site. Farnek is providing both, man & van and skip hire services. Our relevant team will deliver a man with a van at your location and remove the waste efficiently. Our transportation system has access throughout your area.


Removing trash is a bit of an uphill as well as a vital task. We offer rubbish removal services from your facility. You just need to share the details of waste and required skip, we will remove the trash on the spot or after certain days, as per the client’s wish.


Skip Hire Ashford sizes vary in dimensions at Farnek Services Ltd®. Skips are available in as small as a 2 yard mini skip and as big as a 40 yard skip. Selection of right skip size is of utmost importance, and our experienced team will help you in deciding the right skip dimension. 


Mini Skip Hire Ashford are available in two different sizes; 2 yards skips and 3 yards skip. The overall capacity of mini skips is 20 to 40 large waste bags. These are best for waste collection from residential areas. The prices of mini skip hire Ashford are also very low due to their short sizes.


It is the second category of skips that are available for waste collection. Farnek offers midi skip hire Ashford in two distinct dimensions. One is a 4 yard skip, and the second type is a 5 yard skip. Both skips are available for the collection of waste from mediocre DIY projects and household waste.


It is the third type of skips that are available in our stock. These are available in two different sizes; 6 yard, and 8 yard. Builder Skip Hire Ashford is useful for the collection of construction waste. The type of trash can be other, for instance, domestic waste or maybe commercial waste.


Maxi skips are extensively helpful for lifting bulky waste from industrial sites. Therefore, it is available in 5 dimensions; 10 yard, 12 yard, 14 yard, 16 yard, and 18 yard measurements. You can choose the right size of maxi skip hire Ashford as per the volume of your waste accumulated at household or commercial projects.


RORO Skip Hire Ashford is a category of giant skips. These are enormous waste containers, which are beneficial for demolition, industrial, and construction sites. RORO skips are available in different sizes; 20 yard, 25 yard, 30 yard, and 40 yard. Farnek has enough RORO skips in its stock and can deliver them at your facility.


MINI SKIP 2 YARD SKIP 4' feet wide x 3' feet height x 5' feet long
MINI SKIP 3 YARD SKIP 3'6" feet wide x 2'8" feet height x 5'5" feet long
MIDI SKIP 4 YARD SKIP 4'3" feet wide x 3'2" feet height x 6 feet long
MIDI SKIP 5 YARD SKIP 4 feet wide x 3'2" feet height x 8 feet long
BUILDER SKIP 6 YARD SKIP 4'3" feet wide x 3'2" feet height x 6 feet long
BUILDER SKIP 8 YARD SKIP 5'7" feet wide x 4 feet height x 11'4" feet long
MAXI SKIP 10 YARD SKIP 5'7" feet wide x 4'9" feet height x 10 feet long
MAXI SKIP 12 YARD SKIP 6'5" feet wide x 6'5"feet height x 13' feet long
MAXI SKIP 14 YARD SKIP 5'7" feet wide x 5'9" feet height x 13'4" feet long
MAXI SKIP 16 YARD SKIP 5'7" feet wide x 6'5" feet height x 14'1" feet long
MAXI SKIP 18 YARD SKIP 6'4" feet wide x 6'9" feet height x 13'4" feet long
RORO SKIP 20 YARD SKIP 7'3" feet wide x 5'3" feet height x 20 feet long
RORO SKIP 25 YARD SKIP 8 feet wide x 4'9" feet height x 20 feet long
RORO SKIP 30 YARD SKIP 8 feet wide x 6'4" feet height x 20 feet long
RORO SKIP 40 YARD SKIP 7'3" feet wide x 8'8" feet height x 19'9" feet long


Farnek Services Ltd® offers to hire skips in Ashford at very affordable prices. The skip’s final cost depends on different factors such as the size of the skip, number of renting days and distance.

2 Yard Skip

A 2-yards skip a mini skip. It is available for the collection of domestic waste.

3 Yard Skip

A 3-yard skip is another mini skip and slightly more prominent and used for residential waste.

4 Yard Skip

A 4 yards skip utilized to collect household waste and some other DIY project’s waste.

5 Yard Skip

You can get rid of your renovation project waste by hiring a 5-yard midi skip.

6 Yard Skip

6 yards skip is a builder skip, and useful for the collection of construction waste.

8 Yard Skip

8 yards skip is another size of builder skip, hired for shops’ construction & garden waste.

10 Yard Skip

It is the smallest maxi skip that you can employ for heavy debris like bricks & soil.

12 Yard Skip

This maxi skip is available at a low price, and can hold more heavy waste and scrap.

14 Yard Skip

Industrial clients mostly hire 14 yards maxi skip to collect multiple types of waste materials.

16 Yard Skip

16 yard maxi skip often rented at construction & industrial projects for various kinds of waste.

18 Yard Skip

An 18 yard skip is useful for massive trash disposal projects accumulated at industrial sites.

20 Yard Skip

It is primarily RORO skip and hires for the collection of waste from industries & firms.

25 Yard Skip

A 25-yard is almost a room-sized skip. You can store multiple wastes in this bin.

30 Yard Skip

This skip is helpful for the lifting of considerable trash generated from the demolition process.

40 Yard Skip

It is the most prominent RORO skip that is available for bulky and heavy waste.


The Mini skip is quite famous for domestic waste disposal. This 2 yard skip can hold up to 20 to 30 regular garbage bags. However, clients with moderate disposal requirements prefer Midi skips.

Our builder skips have drop-doors, but our mini skips don't have this choice. So, please cross check the details before booking your skip.

No, Tyres are among the restricted items that cannot be placed in a skip. But on special request, we can arrange tyre collection.

No, Asbestos being harmful are strictly prohibited and cannot be thrown in a skip.

No, It is not required. Just specify the delivery time on booking. It will be delivered safely.

Yes, we can lift your skip to a certain height; not higher than 30ft will be entertained.

Depending on your region, we can obtain a license on your behalf. It will take 4-5 days, and the license will expire in 14 days. After that, you will have to renew the license. For inquiries, get in touch with us.

We charge the same price for skip replacement as the initial skip delivery costs. For skip exchanges, Contact our customer support.

We offer a vast collection of skip sizes ranging from 2 yard to 40 yard. Go through the details and select the suitable skip size by accessing your requirements. In case of any assistance, you can contact us.

You can hire a skip for even a single day, but the recommended time is three days.

If you keep the employed skip in your personal space, there is no need for a license. However, a skip license will be required if you intend to keep the skip on a public roadway.

Most conventional driveways can take the standard skip. The integral thing you need to consider is to compare the size of skip you need and the size of your driveway.

Delicate driveways can be harmed when setting skips on them; heavier skips require settling gear which could cause harm. The company will not be answerable for any loss.

You can place household things, such as wood, tiles, mortar, furniture, cardboard, garden waste and garments, and weighty materials, for example, blocks, concrete, metals, pottery, rubble, and stones in a skip.

We don't collect dangerous waste. If you have some scrap you are uncertain about, kindly contact our support. Here is the list of some prohibited items.
1. Refrigerators
2. Gas Cylinders
3. Clinical Waste
4. Toxic Waste
5. Oils and Filters
6. Petroleum and Diesel
7. Fluorescent Tubes
8. Fluids
9. Asbestos
10. Tires
11. Explosives

No, We did not.

If you want to extend the skip hire period, please contact customer support as soon as possible to extend the allocation time. Otherwise, it will be collected according to the schedule.

Yes, Our services are available 24/7. You can contact us anytime.

Yes, we do offer trade accounts but under conditions. Please approach our customer support to discuss the details.

We usually suggest keeping the skips for fourteen days. But understanding our clients varying needs, we do collect the skips when the client notifies.

To empower a safe and convenient delivery, you should permit the skip lorries at least a 10 meter turning circle. If you're uncertain whether our trucks or skips will have adequate space, Kindly contact our support team, and we can assist in finding the solution.

For bookings, you can submit the form by visiting our website or place your order by calling our customer support.

Fill your skip up to the edges of its boundary or the marked fill-In line. Don't overload the skip; otherwise, the drivers might decline to collect your skip.

You can pay through your card or bank transfer. For any further assistance, get in touch with our team.

As we are offering same day delivery. So you will get your ordered skip within 24 hours.

If your skip is going to be placed in a public place, you may face the issues of unauthorized access and unwanted trash being thrown in your skip. Our lockable skips come to the rescue in these situations and prevent others from using the skip you hire.

Get in touch with our customer support and inform us 24 hours before arranging collection.

Skip hire in kent operates by following all the legal policies under the Environment Agency's observation as a licensed service provider. We carefully monitor our waste administering facilities, eliminating the chance of fly-tipping.