Farnek Services LTD is a corporation offering you the best skip hire services in your area. This is the most trusted complete website, which provides you with the different facilities of waste management. Skip Hire Lincolnshire have a vast network of branches in the UK. If you are a citizen of Lincolnshire, then our services will adequately entertain you.

We will deliver you the best waste managing facility at the best economical rates. Our website will guide you to all of the facilities which we will provide to our customers. Above all, It’s our goal to provide you with the best customer support at any level of skip hire. It is our pride to entertain you with the best services.

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Farnek Services LTD provides you with all the services you need at your door all over Lincolnshire. That’s why you should choose us. We have many other services like removal of waste material or rubbish and cleaning your place. Our company has the best employees who are experts in their work. Also, we have the service of “Man with a van” that you will enjoy.
At Lincolnshire skip hire, we provide you with many skips hires of appropriate size, which our household or business customer requires. It is challenging to find the skip hire according to your need, but Farnek Services LTD always provides you with the best services or fulfils your requirement.


We will provide you with our man with a van facility at very cheap rates. Our work is to collect wastes on their own by our employees and use them for recycling. We have our plants for recycling the trash, and we have workers for checking the whole process very carefully. Our price is very low for our regular customers.


Our motto is to make the city clean because it is tough to live with garbage. Because the rubbish material is the reason for spreading different diseases. And we must make the environment safe and clean. Our services include cleaning up any kind of waste like buildings waste or your home waste. Feel free to contact us.


Farnek Services LTD will give you a vast range of skip hire all over Lincolnshire. You are allowed to use our services for your home or business purposes. We have different degrees of skip hire, from small to large, which clean your waste thoroughly from all places no matter where you live in the city. Our price is significantly less according to our services try us once, and we will provide you with a rubbish-free environment.


The smaller skip hires size is known as mini skip hire. The name mini skip hire is mainly used in a small area like cleaning of house garden or bathroom or the house renovation or any other small space. For the small room, the mini skip is the best option.


IF you want to deal with a medium amount of waste, Then midi skip hire is the best choice for your problem. It is not very expensive. This service includes 40 to 60 bags of trash. If you want to clean up your garden or the home decoration, then the midi skip hire is the best choice.


Similarly, If you want to clean your whole house, the builder skip hire is the best option. This service is lies between the domestic level or the business level. On the other side, it is very effective for business sites, constructions, buildings, and stores where waste is much.


Maxi builder skip is advantageous on the commercial scale. It is beneficial to carry a large amount of waste like industrial waste or commercial waste. That’s why it is called maxi skip hire. This is a high-level service, but it is not expensive. At Lincolnshire, we will provide you with this service at a low price with delivery service.


As the name roro skip hire, it is an extensive scale service. It is used to carry heavy objects or heavy loads. Similarly, To remove the heavy load or bulky objects of the industries, roro skip hire is very effective. Farnek Services LTD provides roro skip hire at a low price. Its price is not much as its work.


Our company is registered, and we have professional and hardworking employees. This company is the best waste management company. We will provide you with all the services at a cheap rate and with fast delivery. Our first responsibility is to facilitate our customers with the best services at a low price.

2 Yard Skip

We will provide you with the service of managing waste of trim levels or decore your house.

3 Yard Skip

It is the best for the decore of the bathroom or your kitchen. It is also a small scale project.

4 Yard Skip

Similarly, If you want to remove your garden waste, then the 4-yard skip is the best choice for you.

5 Yard Skip

Our 5-yard skip is ready to take care of any household or commercial junk you have.

6 Yard Skip

6-yard skip hire is very effective for both business and construction sites and renewal waste material.

8 Yard Skip

Our 8-yard skip size has the primary purpose of facilitating you on a domestic level.

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10 Yard Skip

10-yard skip is all set up for domestic cleanings and small business, like cleaning the waste of office and park.

12 Yard Skip

In addition, The 12-Yard Skip, You can use a 12-yard service when you need to clean up a large amount of waste.

14 Yard Skip

When you need to carry the heavy waste or the heavy or bulky objects, you need to use the service of 14 yards.

16 Yard Skip

A 16-yard skip is very useful for non-hazardous waste. If the waste is non-hazardous, then the 16-yard skip is the best choice.

18 Yard Skip

This service is best for the waste of heavy objects. It is very effective for the removal of weighty objects from different industries.

20 Yard Skip

Similarly, 20-yard skip hire, If your waste contains risk factors, then this service is helpful for you.

25 Yard Skip

25-yard skip hire is a correct choice for your construction or building-related waste.

30 Yard Skip

30-yard skip hire is rightly used for commercial waste of large amounts.

40 Yard Skip

40-yard skip, This service is the best one for your business and industrial waste.

Skip Hire Lincolnshire Happy Clients

I contacted the Farnek Services Ltd® customer center to hire the skip of my choice. After a detailed consultation, they suggested that I go for another skip, which is best suited to my needs and above all is cheaper than the one I inquired about first.
Sarah Jones
Hey guys, I booked a skip from them and expected it to receive after 24 hours but believe me, guys. I called in the evening, and the skip was there the next morning. Such a quick service.
Candy Bliss
The Farnek Services Ltd® is a professional company that delivers what it promises. I experienced it many times. I got the skip on time except when they delayed for two days, but they compensated and ensured that I was satisfied when I complained.
Kite Andrew