Farnek Services Ltd is the UK’s most trusted waste management organization delivering trustworthy services in Skip Hire Tunbridge Wells. to customers for years. Fully approved and licensed, we serve both residential and commercial customers throughout the year. If you live in Tunbridge-wells and are looking for a suitable company to assist you with your household wastes, Farnek marks the first choice. At the same time, we provide customized services for our customers; they can choose the Skip Hire size they find suitable.

Further, we assign a helper to all our clients, and they help collect your waste and ensure the proper placement of the skip hire at your Kent place. Finding Skip hires in Tunbridge-wells is no longer a hassle with us.

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We have our vision and mission very clear. We aim at eradicating waste-related problems by providing top quality waste management service to our customers. If you are looking for a deal within a limited budget, you get to find various sizes with varied costs. We are economical and provide lucrative discounts. 

We have been delivering top-notch quality service for years, and our customer satisfaction is our pride. We offer a vast range of skips across Tunbridge-well. Besides skip hire services, we also indulge in property cleanup and garbage removal. Hiring skip eliminates the efforts of manually disposing of garbage bags. Based on your requirements and order, we deliver the skip to your doorstep. Drop your needs today, and let us get back to you at the earliest. 


We make sure that you never get overwhelmed with your waste management works. Hence, we introduce the ‘MAN with A VAN’ service. In other words, for each customer availing of our services, we send a helper both for transportation and assistance to the project site. Avail of our ‘Man With A Van’ service at the most reasonable rate. Further, we look after collecting your waste and ensuring that it is moved to the recycling process. We aim for a cleaner environment and believe in sustainable living. 


Availability of our skip hire in Tunbridge-wells ensures you a full guarantee from the very beginning to the end of your project. In other words, we do not limit only to providing skip hire at your property but also ensure waste collection and coordinate rubbish removal programs for all our clients. We cater to hundreds of clients each day. It does not matter how big or small your project, we are with you till the end. Hire us for projects like kitchen renovation, garden cleanup or workplace shifting and other projects. We are one of the best-reputed skips hire companies extending services throughout the United Kingdom. 


We cater to all waste management services you need. We try to provide your selected skip at your property on the same day you order it. If you are not sure about selecting the right size, we offer a wide range of skip hire sizes to choose from based on your requirements and budget. Our skip hire size ranges from mini or small skips to large skips to handle the massive waste. 


Mini Skip hires are perfect for small projects like kitchen renovation, regular garden waste cleanup, and bathroom remodelling. They are convenient and friendly to use and fit any place. So, you need not work about space if you are choosing mini skips to hire in Tunbridge-wells. It is a perfect choice for domestic waste management, especially in small domestic renovation projects.


Slightly bigger than the Mini skip hire, they can hold a medium amount of waste. On an approx, these skip hires can easily accommodate 40 to 60 bags of trash. This size of skip is also convenient and space-friendly. For extensive garden cleanup, house renovation, or kitchen and bathroom remodelling, choose Midi size for satisfactory services. Visit our websites and check out the different size levels of skip we have got.


You generally get to see Builder size skip hire in construction sites. Also, if you are undergoing major household projects, this is an appropriate choice. While shifting your house or relocation, you need a lot of space to discard trash for consecutive days. Choose builder skip hire in this regard. Also, this size is the initial one for the construction company to use at the site property. The standard size of the builder skip hire can take up to 5,000 litres of liquid waste, mainly equivalent to 60-70 black bin bags.


As the name suggests, Maxi skip hire is enormous and is mostly preferred by large factories. It is used to accommodate weighty industrial garbage daily from large industries or construction sites. We have tie-ups with big and reputed industrial organizations, and we provide them with the best maxi skip hire services. 


Compared to other skip sizes, RORO skip is always a cost-effective option. Majorly used to cater to heavy and bulky rubbish objects, these skip hires can be quickly loaded. The largest in size, ROLL ON -ROLL OFF skip, is a guaranteed saviour for multi-sectional factories. Once your skip is complete, you are required to inform us, and we will arrange the collection of waste from your property immediately. 


Most of us don’t want our skips to be accessible for everyone. Lockable skips come to the rescue and provide a secure and locked skip facility. It is also an effective way to ensure that no infection spreads from the skip full of trash and hence is preferable for all. 


We have a wide range of skip measurements; their prices vary according to their sizes. Look at the details of skips and their sizes, and without giving it a second thought, select the one that suits your needs. You can compare the prices with other skip hire services in the town. 

2 Yard Skip

2 Yard skips are perfect for household use. Homes, Offices, gardens, the kitchen requires cleanliness and hence use of these small yards are of great help.

3 Yard Skip

Affordable in range, this skip hire size is perfect for time to time remodelling of homes, workplaces, washrooms, kitchens, gardens, and workplaces.

4 Yard Skip

Midi skip can carry up to 30 to 40 sacks of trash for household and small commercial works. 4 yard skip affordable skip and we providing you.

5 Yard Skip

Slightly bigger, this helps you tackle waste for business parties and house shifting, and events and so on

6 Yard Skip

Extremely cost-effective, this size of skip hire coordinates in events like big garden cleanup and kitchen remodelling.

8 Yard Skip

Mostly preferable, this is utilized in modern and homegrown garbage. Its cost is reasonable and is readily available in Tunbridge-wells.

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10 Yard Skip

It is the initial size of the Maxi skip. Perfect for new ventures or start-ups, this skip hire can hold a medium level of garbage.

12 Yard Skip

Well durable, this size skip yard caters to commercial purposes and handles a handsome waste. A affordable skip.

14 Yard Skip

This ensures tackling heavy trash objects at the site and is extremely useful in commercial projects. Affordable skip.

16 Yard Skip

Bearing a capacity for more than 170-180 bags of waste, this often used as a perfect .

18 Yard Skip

Most found at construction sites to collect heavy materials, this skip size comes with a huge space.

20 Yard Skip

Wastes that may be harmful and dangerous are fit to keep in this skip hire.

25 Yard Skip

Essential for big factories and industries, this skip hire can accommodate around 275 bags of trash. Its afforadable skip in Tunbridge wells.

30 Yard Skip

It is only used for business purposes and majorly for industrial waste; it can carry 300+ packs of trash and is an economical option is affordable skip

40 Yard Skip

The largest amongst all wastis commonly visible in industrial for carrying heavy industrial and material scraps. It is a budget-friendly choice for purposes.

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