Waste control, along with other significant areas, has now become the world’s largest domain. It takes specific expertise and experience to handle and dispose of it. In the United Kingdom, it is the standard to dump your waste correctly by dealing with unique recycling criteria.

 Skip Hire Swindon is one of the leading waste handling service providers. Consumer trust is powerful because Farnek Services Ltd® sell high-quality waste containers of all sizes in a few sums of money that anyone can manage to hire a skip. The rate is both fair and competitive relative to other skip service providers.

Skip hire Conwy delivery


Hiring a skip of any size from Farnek Services Ltd® is very effortless and cheap. Our business gives skips of all sizes in your town at a shallow rate. We also offer prompt and same-day delivery services. 24/7 customer support is available for your assistance.


Hiring a skip for the disposal of waste is the most suitable option in the United Kingdom today. Like you do not need to waste your money by buying a big permanent container. Furthermore, you can switch the range of the skip at any time, based on your needs.


Swindon Skip Hire is widely used to remove various forms of waste. We provide positioning and lifting facilities along with waste skips. As per customer orders, we remove the debris from the plant. Take an example, and the Event Manager needs a convenient solution to eliminate the waste after an event.


We are open in your area for the removal and discarding of waste on the spot. We are working effectively to address the problems posed by our customers. We have a large number of rubbish containers and transporters to deliver skip at your place.


There are varieties of Swindon skip hire sizes in our portfolio. You should pick your skips according to the amount of your waste. If you give us your information, we will email you and ask for the skip you want to hire. This information includes your location, skip rental number, height, etc.

Your need ranges from 20-40 black bin bags, compared to mini skips that are perfect for you. The price of Mini skip hire Swindon is cheap, and it does not take any effort to move it from one location to another in your house- you can handle your small waste removal.

You are searching for a way to eliminate waste in large amounts and needs to be disposed of properly, so you can pick midi skips for up to 60 large bin waste. Based on your necessity, you can choose one of the Midi skips to hire Swindon variables for your trash.

Builders Skip Hire Swindon, occasionally used for carrying heavy waste in the form of mud, sand, and soil. Builder skips further categorized into two states, which can accommodate up to 80 wide waste bags. The choice of size depends on the amount and weight of the waste.

Maxi skip hires Swindon are massive skips and are common among builders and renovators of large houses. There are five categories of maxi skips, and their dimensions depend on these types. Moreover, in excellent shape, we bid low prices for the maxi skips. The optimal waste loading value for maxi skips is 100-200 bags. 

If your business is searching for one container for its essential form of waste, then RORO skips might be ideal for your organization. However, you can dump multiple wastes in it. RORO skip hire Swindon are available in four sizes with a combined holding capacity of 440 waste bags.


Farnek Services Ltd® provides the most reasonable costs for skips in your region. You may request a quotation from us and compare the price with any leading company. Compared to all others, we have Cheap skip hire prices and beat on the market because of lower rates.

2 Yard Skip

Generally, property owners hire this skip to gather their household or commercial refurbishment project’s.

3 Yard Skip

The 3-yard skip is the top recruited waste container for waste disposal from suburban areas.

4 Yard Skip

You can hire a 4-yard skip for garden waste, kitchen waste, and workshop waste as well.

5 Yard Skip

5 Yards skip another kind of midi skip that the customer leases for household waste.

6 Yard Skip

The 6-yard skip is a builder skip that is good for storing building construction waste.

8 Yard Skip

Second kind of skip for builders, usually used for the storage of bulky waste.

10 Yard Skip

This sort of waste container remains suitable to collect a large amount of industrial waste.

12 Yard Skip

The second maxi skip is a 12-yard maxi skip, you can handle bulky waste in it.

14 Yard Skip

14-yard skip in maxi skips is at the third-number, you can store industrial waste effectively.

16 Yard Skip

You can use this skip to retain waste arising from the construction or industrial sites.

18 Yard Skip

18 yards skip useful for the demolition waste and trash from residential or industrial areas.

20 Yard Skip

A 20-yard skip is the smallest RORO skip, helpful for broad garden waste, restoration of homes.

25 Yard Skip

This skip lowered from two-ends, and you can use it for dumping all non-hazardous waste.

30 Yard Skip

This RORO skip helps to remove a significant amount of garbage from the demolition process.

40 Yard Skip

Gigantic form of skip that hired very rarely, we’ve a sufficient number of 40-yard skips.

Our Happy Clients

I want to share my experience with Farnek. The prices are low, and I was afraid of the quality and the prices of Skip Hire Kent but delighted to see the skip in good condition. Thank you for your support! Highly recommend others to grab their skip hire services.
Farnek has figured out my waste storage problem. I have been changing service providers for the last three months. They chat kindly and help me in filling out the forms and with information about the estimated expense. Superb quality, customer support was excellent, and prices are also low as compared to others.
I was nervous and in a rush to find a solution to my daily household waste. The cheap price of skips attracted me to choose this skip service provider. Teams coming with the van have helped me secure a license to allocate containers in a public place.

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