Skip Hire Sheerness offers a range of skip sizes to meet the needs of residential and trade clients. Our mission statement is to build a high-quality waste management plant on time and within budget—created Sheerness facilitation services with you in mind.  

Farnek Services Ltd® is the most cost-effective Skip Hire alternative. Consequently, We follow innovative procedures for trash collection and recycling. If you live in obscurity, you can rely on us to provide you with the cheapest skip hire options available. Now is an excellent time to choose the best Skip for your requirements.

Wiltshire Skip Hire


Everyone, including individuals and businesses, may skip hire in Sheerness if you’re mowing the lawn or overseeing construction. We are the correct spot if you’re looking for a skip in Sheerness. We offer just what you need. The delight of our consumers resulted in Farnek Services Ltd® happiness or self-esteem. We are not limited just in Sheerness, Farnek also offers Skip Hire Kent Services at less price.

Farnek Services Ltd offering Skip Hire Sheerness Services. Skip hire is the most incredible option if you want to improve your home or business. Our Company provides skip Hires in various sizes, ideal for either a single home or a business. It’s considerably more challenging to locate the right Skip Hire for your needs, but We always have an extensive range of Skip shapes and sizes available to meet your needs.


At Sheerness, Our man with a van service is extremely cheap. Our business is self-sufficient in terms of trash collection and recycling. Our in-house disposable plants and highly qualified staff manage the whole procedure with great care. Locals in Sheerness may quickly and affordably hire a skip from this service. When you avail the man with a service from us, you will get the best rates.


After removing all of the trash from your property, our priority is to make things as safe as possible. We can help you with any wastage cleaning needs, whether for your home or business. We collect a wide variety of trash at our site, including that generated by landscaping and even industry.


Farnek Services Ltd®’s skip hire is ideal for both personal and professional requirements in Sheerness. Skips can be rented in a variety of sizes to accommodate your specific waste disposal requirements. Because of the low cost of our services, you can afford to use them.


The MINI Skip is a popular choice for small-scale cleaning jobs around the house or home improvements such as remodelling the bathroom or kitchen.


If you have a small amount of waste to deal with, MIDI Skip is the best option. A MIDI Skip can hold 40 to 60 garbage bags, depending on how full it is. Renting a MIDI Skip is an excellent option for cleaning up trash in your yard or performing home repairs.


Builder Skip Hire services are available to both residential and commercial clients. Are you relocating or remodelling your entire home? They’re an excellent option. Builder Skip is required for clean-up of storage on company sites, construction sites, and shops with a lot of trash.


The ability of a maxi skip to handle a large amount of industrial and commercial trash is well-known in the business world. As a result, it’s ideal for getting rid of a large amount of waste. Our MAXI Skip Hire delivery service provides MAXI Skip Hire in Sheerness at a low cost.


RORO Skips are the largest skips available in the Untied Kingdom. Farnek Services Limited offers RORO Skip Hire Services in Sheerness at pocket friendly price. RORO Skips can handle huge amount of unwanted trash easily.



We provide all sorts of skip sizes for all kinds of purposes here at Farnek Services Ltd. If you pick us, you get the best skip bin services at the most reasonable rate. Through our Skip Hire Sheerness Services we are not only providing skips also our team will help you to choose your ideal skip.

2 Yard Skip

For domestic usage, a 2-yard skip is adequate. Households, offices, gardens, and other areas all need tidiness.

3 Yard Skip

It's ideal for areas that will be remodelled regularly, such as houses, offices, restrooms, kitchens, gardens, and so on.

4 Yard Skip

It is the essential instrument for meeting the requirements of the family. A midi skip can transport 30 to 40 trash bags.

5 Yard Skip

It assists in cleaning small spaces, trash, rubbish, domestic and commercial families, and many other locations.

6 Yard Skip

6 Yard Skip is perhaps the most effective trash carrier for agricultural and garden uses and specific mechanical applications.

8 Yard Skip

The most popular developer skip size is eight yards. It's the most often used contemporary and domestic trash lifter.

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10 Yard Skip

In large projects, it is the ideal leap to utilize. It is completely reliable and has a sizable waste-transporting capacity.

12 Yard Skip

Putting a lot of trash into something is beneficial. It is a fantastic and sturdy waste material holder.

14 Yard Skip

14-yard skips offer the unique capacity to transport a large amount of trash.

16 Yard Skip

It has a large capacity for carrying garbage and is mainly used for corporate waste. It can hold 170 to 180 packets.

18 Yard Skip

It is an unusual choice in contemporary areas since it includes numerous heavy and massive materials.

20 Yard Skip

It is the most popular size for roll-on, roll-off Skip rental. It carries a lot of garbage with it.

25 Yard Skip

The essential Skip hauls about 275 bags of garbage and disposes of it expertly.

30 Yard Skip

It is the second-largest size in the roll-on roll-off Skip, making it ideal for commercial use. It can handle up to 300 garbage bags.

40 Yard Skip

It can handle the most trash in corporate and commercial areas. It is reasonably priced and therefore really budget-friendly.

Skip Hire Sheerness Happy Clients

I contacted the Farnek Services Ltd® customer center to hire the skip of my choice. After a detailed consultation, they suggested that I go for another skip, which is best suited to my needs and above all is cheaper than the one I inquired about first.
Candy Bliss
Hey guys, I booked a skip from them and expected it to receive after 24 hours but believe me, guys. I called in the evening, and the skip was there the next morning. Such a quick service.
Kite Andrew
The Farnek Services Ltd® is a professional company that delivers what it promises. I experienced it many times. I got the skip on time except when they delayed for two days, but they compensated and ensured that I was satisfied when I complained.
Sarah Jones