Welcome to Farnek Services Ltd, a licensed working company trusted by thousands of customers across  Skip Hire Orpington. Farnek is the best company that helps manage waste removal for residential and commercial customers all over the United Kingdom. Similarly, We have been providing Skip Hire services for years to furnish waste management ethics. If you are looking for the best skip hires services at Orpington, our company will give you quality skip hire readily available in your area.

Our mission is to deliver quality skip hires to our customers. We aim to provide you with top-notch quality service on time at an affordable price. All our facilities are mentioned on our website. You can check and read it carefully. Our priority is to provide the best skip hire to our customers within their budget. We aim at providing 100% customer satisfaction.

Wiltshire Skip Hire


Are you looking for skip hire services at Orpington or Skip Hire Kent? We will provide all services that you require. Just choose your suitable skip hire size; our suppliers will reach out to you with services ensuring fast delivery along with a helper to assist you. Helper man can fix your skip hire at home and also clean your wastage at your place. 

Undoubtedly, finding quality skip hire services is a challenging task now, and we are here to dissolve your difficulty. Get varied sizes of Skip hires to manage your residential and commercial waste. We have fourteen variations in skip size; you can opt the one according to your needs. Skip Hire Orpington saves a lot of your time; managing your disposal matters. 


We provide Man with a Van service at a very reasonable price. Our Skip hires a transportation facility and a personal helper who assists the trash collection and removal at your place. The waste is collected in respective intervals and used in the recycling process. The whole process is completed by our skilled workers very carefully and attentively. We provide the best waste management service at an unbelievable rate.


Our top priority is to build a clean environment. We ensure to collect the wastes from all our customer’s property and sustain the hygienic scale of the place. We collect garbage from both domestic sites and any commercial workplace at Orpington. Our services range from providing a quality skip hire bin to ensure that our workers collect the accumulated waste. Some of the most regular projects include garden construction or cleanup and daily managing of industrial wastes. Once you place a call to us, our team of professionals will be promptly directed to your location. 


Farnek Services Ltd provides varied sizes of Skip Hire at Orpington. Enter our requirements, and we will send you the appropriate size of Skip for our home or business purposes. We have all sizes of skip hires. Our Skip Hire has sizes ranging from small to very large, which ultimately holds all your waste in a place. The prices of our services are relatively lower, and you can easily afford them.


The smallest size of Skip is the MINI Skip. MINI Skip widely caters to small home projects and any home renovation like garden bathroom and kitchen renewal and various other small domestic construction. MINI Skip is the perfect choice for tiny houses.


If you are to tackle cleaning a medium amount of waste at Orpington, then MIDI skip is the right choice for you. MIDI Skips can hold up to 40 to 60 bags of garbage. If you are cluttering up your garden or undergoing kitchen renovation or any home decoration, then MIDI Skip hire is a perfect choice.


Builder Skip Hire is for both domestic and business level projects. If you want to décor your new dream house, then builder skip hire is the best choice for you. On the other site, builder skip hires are perfect for cleaning wastes at your business sites, constructions, buildings and stores.


MAXI skip hire is a significant size skip hire. MAXI skip hire can handle an extensive collection of industrial and commercial waste. This ability makes it highly suitable to cater for a considerable amount of waste. We at Orpington provide the MAXI Skip Hire at very reasonable prices with delivery service. 


We provide the RORO Skip Hire service at a meagre cost. RORO Skips cab is quickly loaded. This size of Skips is used to accumulate large industrial wastes. It can carry heavy and bulky objects. For most heavy industrial sites and extensive disposable material, the RORO Skip hire is very beneficial.


This specification comes with a cover that can be locked to secure the materials inside. Lockable skips allow only authorized access and thus prevent others from using your Skip to dispose of their garbage. It also minimizes the risk of trash stealing and therefore is an ultimate choice.


We are a renowned, registered and highly professional waste management company. Our company works legally at Orpington. The services we offer at very affordable rates with fast delivery. Our company provides our customers with the best assistance. No matter where you locate in Orpington, we will deliver the skip to you the same day you ask for it.

2 Yard Skip

The 2-yard skips are used for the small home decors and other small waste management projects.

3 Yard Skip

The 3-yard Skip is perfect for the bathroom and kitchen debris of redecoration.

4 Yard Skip

The 4-yard Skip is the right choice if you want to remove your garden waste efficiently.

5 Yard Skip

Our 5-yard skip size is set to clean up your junk from your commercial shop or any household.

6 Yard Skip

The 6-yard skip hire is helpful for both commercial and household development and renovation waste removal.

8 Yard Skip

8-yard skip hire is very efficient for your domestic and your shop or restaurants and store construction.

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10 Yard Skip

The 10 yards skip hiring stands are perfect for domestic cleaning and small business like office and park waste management.

12 Yard Skip

The 12-yard skip hire is rightly used for commercial purposes and for tackling large amounts of waste.

14 Yard Skip

14-yard skip hire is used to carry heavy and oversized objects for waste management easily.

16 Yard Skip

If you have a waste containing non-hazardous objects, then 16-yard skip hire is the right choice.

18 Yard Skip

Primarily used in construction sites to uphold heavy waste objects, 18-yard Skip is more or less the perfect size.

20 Yard Skip

If your waste consists of any risk factor, then you should try our 20-yard skip hire.

25 Yard Skip

Used for classical construction and building-related waste, 25-yard skip hire is suitable for large projects.

30 Yard Skip

30-yard skip hire is used to tackle wastes from big commercial projects waste, most construction materials.

40 Yard Skip

40-yard Skip is enormous, and it caters to projects that deal with heavy unmanageable industrial wastes.

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I am incredibly pleased to have chosen Farnek. Your company's services were excellent in every way.
The professionalism is exceptional, with all the workers being amiable and cooperative. The task compilation is executed amazingly at every stage, from booking to delivery. No extra charges are involved.