Are you looking for the best skip hire Faversham services? Well, look no further. You are right where you need to be. We at Farnek Services Limited offer affordable and high quality skips with just the right amount of flex with our comprehensive services in skip hires.

We aim to make Faversham, as ecologically and environmentally friendly as possible. We have proudly served our clients from all sectors, from small home and rental property owners to large commercial and industrial clients. We ensure that all our clients get exactly what they are looking for at reasonable rates and in a timely fashion.

Wiltshire Skip Hire


Farnek Services Ltd provides you with the best skip hire services in Faversham and cheap Skip Hire Kent services according to your needs. Our services include cleaning your place and Trash removal. We target excellent waste-related issues by giving arrangements through skip bin hire services all through the country.

We offer the facility to hire skips in all sizes in your range and according to your need. No matter where you are and whether you need it for your household trash clean up and pick up or for handling small home renovation debris.

Man with a van service at Faversham offers a service where you can hail a garbage collection van with a driver in Faversham for your garbage pick-up and clean up services. We have the most advanced and latest model of vans available, along with a professional team of van drivers who would be there at your call to provide you with trash collection services, whether you are at home or office or any construction site.


You can rely on us to provide you with all sorts of trash removal services in Faversham. We have the best and most updated equipment available for the thorough removal of trash and proper cleanliness. We ensure that our clients get the best quality services from Farnek Services Limited.


We provide all sorts of skip sizes for all kinds of purposes here at Farnek Services Ltd. You can check whatever size fits your budget and requirements. Our team is here to help you if you require any support or guidance to get the best deal for you, your type of work, and the property you need skips for.


Mini skips are the smallest sized skips available here at Farnek Services Ltd in Faversham. These are the best fit for small residential properties and can be placed anywhere in your backyard or front yard. Making them exceptionally well known to homegrown customers for garden clean ups, little DIY ventures and little home remodels. 


Midi skips are slightly larger than mini skips and collect somewhat more significant amounts of trash than mini skips due to their sizes. Midi skips are viewed as quite possibly the most flexible sizes of skip bins. These skips are regularly utilized for homegrown refuse evacuation activities just as business waste the executives’ circumstances.


Builder skips are slightly bigger than midi skips and can handle more significant amounts of garbage and dispose of it. Mostly Builder Skips used on a Construction sites.


Maxi skips are here for your commercial construction projects and remove any construction junk from your property. They will require the customers to get grants since the majority of these skips are put on board claimed properties.


RORO (also known as Roll on Roll off) are the largest sized skips available at Farnek Services Limited in your area in Faversham. These are used for your more significant and large-scale commercial and industrial projects. Get your hands on the latest model to get the most of RORO skips. 


Lockable skips are the best approach to protect the waste from theft. Moreover, many things are going on the occupied side of the road and areas with high traffic volumes; living unprotected on these spaces can cause many issues. So having your waste restricted on the skip will decrease the potential outcomes of risk and undesirable issues to arise.


Our clients going from household families to modern industrial facilities are very happy with our quality assistance. We guarantee 100% fulfillment to every one of our clients and keep pride in conveying the best. We give a wide scope of skip enlist sizes to browse dependent on your prerequisites and budget plan.

2 Yard Skip

These are ideal and best suited for daily household trash collection disposal and can easily be fitted in your home property.

3 Yard Skip

Next comes 3-yard skips that are slightly larger than 2-yard skips and can pick up marginally more trash, including gardening mess cleanups.

4 Yard Skip

Go for 4-yard skips if you and your property require slightly bigger trash cleanups, and your garbage disposal requirement is more than routine trash.

5 Yard Skip

They are best suited for slightly bigger needs, like small home repair or small construction work going on in your household.

6 Yard Skip

6-yard skips are ideal for your small commercial projects and small building repair work.

8 Yard Skip

8-yard skips are best if you need to clean up piles of restaurant waste or chunkier amounts of waste to dispose of.

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10 Yard Skip

These are best suited for hefty amounts of trash pick-ups and cleanups.

12 Yard Skip

The price of a 12-a yard skip starts at £277 and is usually used in the collection of dirt piles and rub cleanups from commercial construction sites.

14 Yard Skip

The 14-yard skip is suitable quality skips for holding more significant amounts of garbage from industrial and construction sites.

16 Yard Skip

To remove non-hazardous and non-toxic waste material, get yourself a 16-yard skip, priced at £316.

18 Yard Skip

Rent an 18-yard skip priced at £1045. These are for you if you have bigger commercial and industrial projects coming up your way.

20 Yard Skip

For getting rid of hazardous and toxic waste material from your commercial properties and industrial sites.

25 Yard Skip

For your more extensive constructional needs and large-scale industrial projects, a 25-yard skip is your best option.

30 Yard Skip

For carrying heavier and large amounts of construction material, use a 30-yard skip.

40 Yard Skip

Use a 40-yard skip for the most considerable construction and commercial projects.

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I liked how they dealt with me when I first contacted their team. I wasn’t expecting such a warm response when I first visited them, but I was highly impressed by the kind of work they were doing.
Farnek Services is the door to knock when being and handling providing garbage cleanups and trash disposal services. I have been beyond impressed by their professionalism and honesty in what they are doing.