If you want to skip hire in ErithFarnek Services Limited is a one-stop-shop for all your skip hire needs. We are proud of ourselves for providing the best skip hire facility in Erith. We cover all the surrounding areas of Erith in delivering the best and highest quality skips at affordable rates. We have effectively met the needs of all our clients, including domestic, local, and commercial clients, with professionalism and integrity. Our objective is to operate as professionally and responsibly as possible for clients dealing with and keeping our environment clean, green, safe, and healthy in Erith.

Wiltshire Skip Hire


At Farnek Services Limited, you can easily find the best skips you are looking for at low rates. It provides all sorts of skips with varying sizes for multiple purposes. Moreover, we also offer Cheap Skip Hire Kent and  a trash collection van with a driver who can do all kinds of cleanups and offer wastage disposal services after sorting out all the waste in your property.

At Farnek Services Limited, you can easily find the best skips you are looking for at low rates. It provides all sorts of skips with varying sizes for multiple purposes. Moreover, we also offer a trash collection van with a driver who can do all kinds of cleanups and offer wastage disposal services after sorting out all the waste on your property. 


Our man-with-a-van service includes just what it implies. Skip Hire Erith provide our trash collection van and a driver who can pick up garbage, do the thorough clean up you require, be it your house, restaurant, office, construction site, or a commercial project. Our team take care of the entire process of clean up, pickup, and proper disposal.


No matter if you hire a skip or not, we also provide rubbish removal services. Our team is well-trained and professional in effectively sorting out different types of trash and then collecting it to recycle all the waste in our recycling plants in Erith. In this way, all the garbage is collected, transported, and disposed of in an ecologically friendly manner.


Through Skip Hire Erith, Farnek Services LTD offer a wide variety of skips in all sizes and for all purposes. You can use each size for different purposes, depending on the type of trash removal you require. We are proud to have an extraordinary track record in offering the best quality skips for medium to large commercial and industrial projects to remove construction waste.


Mini skips are the most miniature-sized skips available. These are best for storing small amounts of household trash and can be hired for your day-to-day usage. They are small enough to fit in inside a small property, or your garage or backyard, wherever you wish to place them. They are also easily transportable.


Midi skips are well-suited to pick up small amounts of commercial waste. The type of waste can be either gardening waste material, minor repair work, trash leftover, and re-décor waste removal. As one of the most practical and reasonable answers for waste evacuation, midi skips are exceptionally well known to homegrown customers.


Builder skips are slightly bigger than midi skips and are ideal for managing construction waste. These skips can be utilized to discard all kinds of development waste like blocks, cement and rubble, bulky things like tables, seats, couches, racks and closets, and nursery waste like soil and rock.


Maxi skips are the best option for your commercial work and projects. They are best suited for your work in the field where you need to take care of slightly heavier amounts of waste.


Roll-on and Roll-off skips are the most significant miniature type eliminated of skips available for hire. They are more flexible than other regular-sized skips and can be placed on any property to store all kinds of rubbish for disposal. 


Lockable skip bins ensure that no waste will get away and bind everything inside. It takes out the potential outcomes of other garbage to be hired on the recruited Skip consuming the space that ought to be for the customer’s waste. Lockable skips additionally protect the waste from theft.


Skip Hire Erith provide skips for household trash removal in small to large properties, skips for gardening waste removal from houses, offices, schools, and museums etc., as well as for home redecoration and repair waste removal. Luckily, we have this skip size model to let you find the most suitable and relevant skip size for your requirements.

2 Yard Skip

These are the best choice for your small properties where they can easily be fit in.

3 Yard Skip

3-yard skips can be used on your residential property to pick up household trash and can be used to dispose of negligible home décor wastage.

4 Yard Skip

You can use 4-yard skips to get rid of all your gardening waste.

5 Yard Skip

Get a 5-yard skip getting rid of piles of junk from your homes and offices.

6 Yard Skip

Get a 6-yard skip to get rid of any construction rubble from your construction site, whether it is commercial or residential.

8 Yard Skip

Use the 8 yards s8-yard to dispose of any restaurant junk and garbage.

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10 Yard Skip

Get your hands on a 10-yard skip to get rid of all sorts of gardening waste, renovation waste, along with commercial projects garbage.

12 Yard Skip

Get your 12-yard yard skip if you have commercial construction work going on at your site.

14 Yard Skip

Get a 14-yard skip for industrial usage and for getting rid of large amounts of industrial waste.

16 Yard Skip

For non-hazardous and non-harmful substance removal, get a 16-yard skip, no matter what property you require it.

18 Yard Skip

Get your hands on an 18-yard skip in case you want to get rid of heavier and hefty amounts of garbage.

20 Yard Skip

For getting rid of hazardous and toxic waste material from your commercial properties and industrial sites.

25 Yard Skip

For your more significant constructional needs and large-scale industry 30-yards, a 25-yard skip is your best option.

30 Yard Skip

For carrying heavier and large amounts of construction material, use a 30-yard skip.

40 Yard Skip

Use a 40-yard skip for the most considerable construction and commercial projects.


Go to Farnek Services Limited for all your skip needs in Erith. We would highly recommend them and all their services in providing your best bet in skip hires.
I had difficulty choosing the right size of Skip for my vast property, which I use for both living and working. I was confused about which to skip hiring and from where. I feel so lucky to have found Farnek Services Limited right when I needed them. I would highly recommend them. .
Farnek made sure that the entire process of hiring skips, along with placing and using them is as seamless for me as possible. I would most assuredly go to them again.
I love the professionalism and friendliness of the entire team of Farnek Services Limited and how well they deal with me and provided the best service and high-quality bins at highly affordable prices. I would recommend them.
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The team working at Farnek Services Limited has been extremely patient with my needs and provided us with all the support and guidance I needed in choosing the right Skip.