Are you looking for affordable skip hire prices and the best Skip Hire Deal services? With more than three decades of experience in the waste management industry, we are well grown. Farnek Services Ltd®  is a skip hire source. Our website allows you to hire a skip 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide best skip hire kent services. We have pre-defined rules. 

Our company is the suitable choice if you want to skip hire in Deal at a reasonable price. Our purpose is to give you the best management for waste disposal. We have comprehensive examples and information to help you with hiring a skip, including knowledge on skip hire rates & sizes, skip permissions.

Wiltshire Skip Hire


Skip Hire Services make it more straightforward and clear to find a fabulous value agreement on a variety of several skip sizes. Farnek Services Ltd® has millions of happy customers in Deal, Kent. Our wide range of skips assures that we can give the ideal skip type for your specifications, also preserving your time and money.  Farnek Services LTD is the best choice for you if you looking for Skip Hire Deal or Skip Hire Kent services at cheap rates.

We are fully guaranteed, authorized, and work with many local committees to constantly give the highest models of skip hire and waste elimination. We can also provide new tools and facilities, including skip fixtures and waste removal. Whether you are doing some home renovations, getting stabbed into some garden cleaning, or need to throw away some old things from your home, hiring a skip can do your job more manageably and at a lower cost than you may be imagining. Hire a skip today for a great chance and entrusted professional services provided by Farnek Services Ltd®.


Farnek’s Man & Van service is a low-cost and easy, manageable option to skip hire. The Man & Van Waste service provides the most necessities you may possess, where our trusted team will come and clear your waste material to save you from trouble. The Man & Van Waste service provided also stops our access problems when performing a skip to your wanted place. So, if you need permission or don’t have sufficient access for us to get a skip, this service becomes the ideal option for you.


We work with a large customer base. We have managed all types of removal work on homes, offices, workplaces, warehouse units, construction sites, occasion venues, school areas, shopping outlets, housing corporations, and more. We have gained a name for performing work quickly. We care about the atmosphere and produce safe environment waste control solutions. And, we also recycle your waste as much as possible. Through our green strategy to industry, we hope to overcome the amount of waste sent to landscapes.


At Skip Hire Deal, we have various skip sizes to decide to dispose of your waste stress-free. If your area of waste is not big enough and you choose the skip size to a large extent, you waste your money, so it is better to know the skip sizes to choose the better option. 


These skips are in small sizes, usually starting from 2 or 3 yards sizes. These are known for less volume of waste usually found in households or gardening. These skips are helpful if you want kitchen refinements or your bathroom. Instead of removing all the junk in your car to a station of waste material far away, save any price by hiring a mini skip to suit the process more efficiently and precisely.


These are used for modern kitchen fitments and baths, in 4 cubic yard skips size. Usually, anyone takes advantage of midi skips for household and office waste components. Midi skip can carry approximately 45 bags of waste.


Builders skips are the most popular and promising skip-type divisions in the six cubic yards size. We are exceeded for business purposes where accurate items, trash, and junk are discarded. Many homes make use of builder skip for general household waste materials. Usually, this skip class can accommodate almost 70 (black) bags of waste and junk materials. Builders’ skips are so famous for large-scaled purposes where a waste element is important over rubble components. 


These are more important than builders skip, meeting 12 cubic yards in size. Because of their enormous size, maxi skip keeps up a more valuable period on-site and proposes a much more common capacity. These are exceeding for long, bulky waste and rubbish materials mainly used at construction and manufacturing sites.



Also spotted as Roll on Roll off skips, including round about 20 to 40 yards skip sizes. They are generally used for long construction projects and are not shared or common in interior designs. Moreover, this kind indeed requires great natural time and capability to match. Those skips are usually performed with access to get going on and far quickly.  


These skips are the ones that are used in the United kingdom to secure garbage. The great thing about lockable skips is that they come in various sizes and dimensions.



To consider the proper skip size for your waste disposal requirements, contact Farnek Services Ltd®, skip Hire today. We work everywhere in Deal and are always glad to assist you. These are mainly used to resolve your skips with extra reassurance. It helps to ensure no new waste elements are added. 

2 Yard Skip

Our 2-yard Skip is excellent for the disposal of greenhouse waste or small household waste.

3 Yard Skip

If you want to get rid of garden and domestic waste then a 3-yard skip is preferable.

4 Yard Skip

For small-scale refinements such as bathroom or kitchen, then it is preferable.

5 Yard Skip

The 5 yard skip can hold 55 black bin bags and it is best for commercial purposes.

6 Yard Skip

The 6-yard skip hire is helpful for both business and household construction.

8 Yard Skip

For house construction, hire an 8-yard skip will preserve both your time and cost.

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10 Yard Skip

It can be beneficial for many purposes, including household and small industry waste jobs.

12 Yard Skip

Business purposes and waste with huge volume calls for 12-yard skip hire.

14 Yard Skip

A 14-yard skip hire will be best if you want to handle heavy waste objects and huge amount of trash.

16 Yard Skip

For waste that does not have any risky substances or matters, It is the best option for you.

18 Yard Skip

The 18-yard skip is ideal for heavy-duty construction sites where huge items need to be discarded.

20 Yard Skip

The 20-yard skip hiring is best for such waste that has any hazardous material factor.

25 Yard Skip

The 25-yard skip is ideal for rigid structure and building-related types of waste.

30 Yard Skip

The riskiest industrial waste and for business waste is disposed of in a 30-yard skip.

40 Yard Skip

For manufacturing and construction trash and waste materials, It is best choice.

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