Skip Hire Dartford offers you professional premium services. We maintain this standard very strictly and do not compromise on the quality of services and especially their 24/7 availability.  We at Skip Hire Dartford assist you in finding the best skip services at a minimal cost. The best part about comparing your options is finding the best-customized deal that suits you the most financially and resourcefully. Our mission is to provide a high-quality waste management facility on time and at a reasonable cost. 

Wiltshire Skip Hire


Skip Hire Dartford is a one-stop solution for all your garbage disposal or house cleanup needs. We provide you with skip hire options and guarantee you security with an additional ‘Man with a Van’ service to your doorstep for loading and dropping skips. We are working under the most stringent security measures available.

If you want to do any work domestically, skip hire will be an efficient decision. Skip Hire Dartford has a wide variety of size ranges available, which you can choose and customize based on your personalized requirement. Finding the right Skip Hire for your needs is a lot more complicated, but Farnek always has a wide range of Skip Sizes available to meet your needs. Skips Hire Dartford is the top choice of thousands of customers due to its best options at the cheapest rates. Our Skip Hire Dartford and Skip Hire Kent Prices are affordable.


Man, with a Van service at Skip Hire Dartford, is one of the most convenient ways to get rid of your renovation debris or domestic and commercial waste without worrying about transportation. We prioritize our customers’ experience by providing high-quality skips on time. Our rates are budget-friendly, and our disposal plants recycle waste after collection, making our services at Skip Hire Dartford eco-friendly.


Our wastage collection is not limited to only domestic or commercial waste. We help you with all kinds of cleaning related to garbage, debris, or even industrial waste, and we keep environmental safety paramount in all our processing at Skip Hire Dartford. We can assist you with any cleaning you require, whether for your home or office. 



Farnek Services Ltd’s range of offers includes skips of all sizes, models, and varying dimensions to help optimize the cost of disposal by only choosing the size that fits your disposal needs. 


Mini Skips are minor options that best cater to small living space cleanup, domestic renovation-related debris, or any small space renewal needs. The MINI Skip is the tiniest skip of them all.


Midi Skips are slightly more spacious hence can fit in about 40 to 60 bags of waste. Perfect choice for most residential needs related to decor or construction. If you’re cleaning up your yard or making any home improvement, a MIDI Skip rental is a great solution.


Builder Skip Hire is the intermediate size for a domestic and business scale. This size comes in most handy while you are moving houses or shifting equipment. This size also fits the medium-scale business needs of garbage disposal and site cleanup. Builder Skip is required to clean the storage on business sites, construction sites, building sites, and stores where the amount of waste is significantly more significant.


Maxi skips are specialized for large-scale business needs with its large capacity for commercial and industrial waste disposal. Maxi Skips are heavy-duty and come with convenient delivery options and affordable rates.


Roll-on Roll-off Skips is the largest size available in our range. Given their vast size and weight limit, they cater to industrial-scale garbage removal or huge on-site construction needs. It has a good predisposition for transporting large and hefty objects.


Lockable Skips provide you with the choice of secure waste disposal without anyone accessing it due to the lock on these skips. This offer guarantees safety from theft and is the best option for busy locations. Prices vary based on your needs of size and dimensions of skip.



Skip hire Dartford provides you with the best prime services with supportive suppliers who can help you to clean your places, and on the other hand, they deliver skips at your doorsteps.  We are providing you with the skips at low prices and in a lot of varieties. We are supplying a variety of skips with additional equipment according to your description and budget.

2 Yard Skip

The 2-yard skips fit to compact home-related waste disposal or decor needs.

3 Yard Skip

The 3-yard skip best suits your bathroom or kitchen renewal related disposal needs.

4 Yard Skip

The 4-yard skip is perfect for your gardening-related waste removal.

5 Yard Skip

Our 5-yard skip size is for those looking to remove waste from their shops or house-related cleanups.

6 Yard Skip

The 6-yard skip hire will ideally tend to your domestic and business construction-related debris or waste disposal requirements.

8 Yard Skip

8-yard skip hire is suitable for your house construction-related waste removal as well as any business scale needs.

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10 Yard Skip

The 10 yards skip hiring caters well to public space waste management or any small-scale business and domestic waste management.

12 Yard Skip

The 12-yard skip hires fulfil your more important waste requirements especially suitable for commercial sites.

14 Yard Skip

14-yard skip hire is your go-to option for heavy weights or removing larger sizes of debris.

16 Yard Skip

16-yard Skip hires the best suit your large-scale non-dangerous waste requirements.

18 Yard Skip

18-yard skips are heavy duty with a capacity to carry larger sizes of building or manufacturing waste.

20 Yard Skip

Our 20-yard skip hires safely cater to your hazard-related waste management.

25 Yard Skip

25-yard skip hire is an efficient size for large-scale manufacturing-related waste disposal.

30 Yard Skip

This 30-yard skip Hire is suitable for large commercial scale building material requirements.

40 Yard Skip

40-yard Skip is the largest size available and best suits industrial-scale waste with the highest weight capacity.

Skip Hire Dartford Customer Reviews

Moving to our new house was tiring, but Skip Hire Dartford made the shifting process easy and affordable with all our furniture safely shifted to our new home in Dartford with their 12-yard skips.
My experience with Skip Hire Dartford has been excellent. I got the best option available through their free comparison tool and quickly removed all my home renovation debris through their man with van service!
I just wanted to thank you for the excellent skip rental services you provided. Your company's services were perfect in every way