Skips are larger versions of dust bins to contain the household dump off, Restorations, Building Annihilations, or Remodeling waste.
Skip Hire Cheshire is a company that offers the best skips at many affordable rates. It is a trusted platform to tailor the needs of worthy customers to remove garbage from any site.

It has a flexible scope of skips that incorporate mini skip, midi skip, builder skip, maxi skip, and RORO skip. Each skip is ideal for a specific type of location. You have to figure out your waste amount and the site and then hire accordingly.

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Choosing a Skip Hire Cheshire company isn’t easy, especially in the days of such competition. Skip Hire Cheshire offer the best services nationwide. Our customers are the most significant assets, and their reviews justify our services and efforts to keep the environment clean and healthy. Have our reviews and decide for yourself.

You can choose the desired best skip in Cheshire without any difficulty. The size ranges from small for domestic purposes to large for construction or building waste purposes. The smallest size skip is a 2-yard skip called mini skip, and the largest size available is 40-yard skip hire Cheshire.


Man and van offer waste removal services that tailor the needs of citizens. They keep the environment healthy, clean and hygienic. 


Expulsion of the trash is fundamental to keep the climate clean. We provide the Skip Hire in Cheshire to waste and keep your surroundings hygienic and worth living.


Midi Skip Hire Cheshire is available in different sizes to get the skip of the desired size. The following measures are available to cater to the customers’ needs at the most amazing prices; 4 Yards skip, 5 Yards Skip, 8 Yards Skip, Midi Skip, Mini Skip, Builder size Skip.


The mini skip is the smallest possible skip with the sheer size of 2 yards that can hold 30 to 35 black bins. These accommodate household wastes. Mini skips are for smaller level projects in which space is not enough, so a mini skip is a perfect fit for that.


Next to the mini skip is a midi, which is 4-yards in size. Midi Skip hire Cheshire can hold waste up to 45-50 bags. Midi skips have waste from bathroom refurbishments, kitchen excreta, and other smaller level DIYS. The size of the midi skip is ideal and takes the space of half a car.


Builder Skip hire Cheshire is a large skip designed for commercial intent. It is an 8-cubic yard which can accommodate up to 80 to 90 bins. It can hold large building wastes, commercial dump off, destructions, etc.


Maxi skip is a gigantic skip that is best for the large scale setup. The waste includes from different domains such as complete home-based renewals, office dump off, commercial and industrial cleanups. Maxi skip hire Cheshire is 12 cubic yards and can hold 100 to 120 black bins.


RORO skip is a beast that is 15 cubic yards in size. These are best for any wastes, just as soil waste or stone waste. It holds the trash effectively. You don’t need anything else when you have a RORO skip.


Farnek Services Ltd. offers the Skip Hire Cheshire at the most affordable rates. The skips are cheap at a rate yet best in quality. See the price list for further details.

2 Yard Skip

2-yard skip is the smallest skip that holds 25 black bins. It is suitable for small household wastes.

3 Yard Skip

3-yard skip accommodates 35 to 45 black bins, enough for small-level waste just as a kitchen or office waste.

4 Yard Skip

Our 4-yard skip is the top-quality skip for domestic waste, bathroom excreta, or kitchen waste.

5 Yard Skip

5-Yard-Skip Cheshire is a popular choice of DIY persons that can store up to 60 bins.

6 Yard Skip

The most suitable size that can incorporate the waste from small scale to large scale.

8 Yard Skip

Our 8-yard Skip Cheshire is a big hit as it is perfect for industrial and domestic waste.

10 Yard Skip

10-yard skip is a bit larger than a builder-skip and can hold waste up to 100 bags.

12 Yard Skip

12-yard is a popular choice skip that can hold 120 bags used by industries.

14 Yard Skip

14-yard skips are large holders of waste that can lodge 145 black bins.

16 Yard Skip

16-yard skips are bumper size skips that can clasp 170 bags, ideal for building projects

18 Yard Skip

18-yard skips are king-size skips that can hold 180 to 190 black bins for wastes.

20 Yard Skip

20-yard skip, also known as a Roll-on roll-off skip, has 8 tons, which is approximately 200 black bins.

25 Yard Skip

25-yard skip is a perfect skip for the companies which produce a tremendous amount of waste.

30 Yard Skip

30-yard is the second-largest skips that can store 330 black bags.

40 Yard Skip

Our beast skips can hold a waste of 440 black bins. It is best for industrial wastes.

Our Happy Clients

“I ordered my Skips through Farnek Services Ltd. I'm delighted with their service. The skip was well on time and collected the dump from the house very efficiently. I would recommend their service if anyone is looking to hire the Skips in Cheshire. The team of the Farnek is well equipped and very humble too.”
Tine John
“Excellent service, very cooperative, and on time. Hiring the skip from them was an excellent decision. I recommend them personally. Also, I will utilize their services again later if I ever needed it.”
“Yesterday I ordered a skip from them. The skip was a bit delayed, but the collector was good and collected the waste well. I had to phone them twice and emailed them as well. But their services were excellent. The skip had enough space to incorporate me wastefully.”

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