In Chatham, the first most priority of us is to clean the environment and manage the waste and recycle it. That is why Farnek Services Ltd offering Skip Hire Chatham Services at reasonable prices. Now you can hire your required skip at cheap prices from Farnek in Chatham.

We want to create an eco-friendly environment so that we can live a healthy life. We are completely insured, licensed and available 24/7 for you. Farnek Ltd always provides you with the best skips services in a lot of variations, specifications and structures in Chatham.

Wiltshire Skip Hire


We provide you with the best variety of skips at your doorsteps in Chatham. On the other hand, we are providing you with additional services of the man with a van and trash removal which helps you keep the environment safe and clean.

Skip hire is the best way to eliminate trash from your homes, offices, gardens, and many different places. Skip hire in Chatham will clean up all the tiniest as well as massive junk from your area. Skips hires are available in various sizes. On the other hand, we are providing you with the best Skips in Chatham in many variants. Our Skip Hire Chatham and Skip Hire Kent Prices are very low.


In Chatham, we provide you with another facility, “a man with a van,” in commercial and domestic areas. We collect waste material and use it in recycling. However, we are providing it in an amazingly budget-friendly price range, with the top-level shipment. Our man with a van will help you to remove your trash.


Our priority is to build a safe and healthy environment in Chatham. We collect waste goods from your site in Chatham in both domestic and Commercial Areas. We also help you clean up all your streets, gardens, offices, and constructive places and then dispose of the waste by recycling it in our plants to contribute to environmental cleanliness.


Farnek Services Ltd is supplying the best variety of skips in Chatham. We are delivering the prime quality of skips in many variants, specifications, models, and sizes. Our skips are in a very economical price range, yet they will keep your environment neat and clean. We are providing you with the smallest to the largest sizes of skips in Chatham.


Mini Skips are the smallest skips and are effective for those clients who have a specific budget and don’t have too much waste to remove; mini skips are commonly used for small projects and cleanups in Chatham. 


In Chatham, Midi Skips are for slightly medium projects. Midi skips are affordable. However, they are capable of holding more trash, waste material, junk, and a lot of garbage. It contains 40 to 60 bags of garbage.


This is the most helpful skip with the perfect size for the people who love to renovate their homes, offices, and extensive gardens in Chatham, and it is also the best option for the cleanup of streets. The most common use of Builders Skip is to get rid of the construction waste and massive substantial waste.


One of the best skips is Maxi Skips. The huge one, these skips can cover a large amount of industrial and commercial area. You can hire it at a very reasonable price range with delivery services at your doorsteps in Chatham.


RORO skips can fit into almost all the sizeable unwanted trash removing jobs. These skips are practically capable of withdrawing massive amounts of industrial waste, and they are commonly used in construction sites because of their huge sizes and simplicity of use.


It keeps your waste safely, and it doesn’t permit anybody to eliminate your trash without your endorsement, simultaneously shielding it from every one of the components that might cause a hazardous substance response. It is ideal for places with high volumes of traffic.


Franek Services LTD is the most well-known insured, licensed Trash removing company in Chatham. Thousands of people trust us because of our professionalism and supplying the best skips in Chatham. Here are the details about the prices of Skips in Chatham.

2 Yard Skip

2 Yard skip is the best for domestic use. Homes, Offices, gardens etc., are places that need cleanliness. It is the best option to use at homes, offices, and gardens in Chatham.

3 Yard Skip

It is best for the places in Chatham that require time to time renovations like homes, offices, washrooms, kitchens, gardens etc. You can want the best according to your financial ease.

4 Yard Skip

Midi skip can carry up to 30 to 40 bags of trash. And it is the easiest way to clean up the space around four cubic yards.

5 Yard Skip

It helps clean small places, trash, junk, domestic and commercial households, and many more places in Chatham. It is available at an affordable price.

6 Yard Skip

Six-Yard Skip is one of the most efficient waste carriers used for domestic and garden applications, and some others are fitted to industrial sites in Chatham. The six-yard skip price is also different as compared to other skips.

8 Yard Skip

Eight yards is the most effective size of builder skip. It is the most used industrial and domestic trash lifter. Its price is also low, and it is effortless to use in Chatham.

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10 Yard Skip

It is the smallest size of Maxi skip. It is very reliable and has a slightly large capacity to carry waste. Its price range is different in every area of Chatham.

12 Yard Skip

It is used to put massive and bulky waste items. It is a perfect and reliable container for waste material. In Chatham, It is an ideal skip, and its price is also very budget-friendly.

14 Yard Skip

14 Yard skips have the usual capacity to carry a large amount of trash. It also takes massive substances.

16 Yard Skip

A big skip contains a vast volume to carry the trash inside it. It has around 170 to 180 bags inside it.

18 Yard Skip

It contains a large amount of heavy and bulky materials, and it is an excellent choice in industrial areas of Chatham. Eighteen yards skip hire price is very low and inexpensive.

20 Yard Skip

Roll on and Roll-Off skip is the largest skips in Chatham. It carries a large amount of trash inside it.

25 Yard Skip

It carries around 275 bags of trash and tackles the garbage efficiently. It is the best in commercial and industrial use in Chatham.

30 Yard Skip

The second biggest skip in the RORO skip. The best in commercial areas. It carries almost 300+ bags of garbage. It is very reasonable in price.

40 Yard Skip

The 40-yard skip is the largest size available. These skips are most appropriate for projects delivering a high volume of waste. The 40-yard skip can hold heavy and cumbersome materials, just as substantial waste.


The best in the very reasonable price with the variety of additional equipment. They delivered it on time with a professional supplier.
John Mathew.
I ordered two skips, one for my shop and one for my home. They delivered the best Skip in Chatham before the time. similarly, I have highly recommended it.
Chris J