Skip Hire Ceredigion stands as one of the promising skip service providers in the UK. Farnek Services Ltd® is famous for its unique garbage administration assistance. We give significance to your gratification and we work to satisfy you. The best quality waste assistance equipment is usable at a fair cost.

Our talented waste management squad performs the assigned task within duration accurately. We deliver exquisite assistance swiftly. We provide our customers with a convenient and quick skip delivery. The purpose of our registered firm is to clear your waste following the Environmental Agency regulations. Hire your skips immediately and get your trash get disposed.

Skip hire Conwy delivery


Farnek Services Ltd® is the perfect company where you receive the best skipping services. We guarantee you an incredible service that will positively satisfy you. Our unified skipping team accomplishes the task efficiently, leaving you thrilled whenever you wish to get your waste managed, order and get excellent service.

Ceredigion Skip Hire is at your assistance to enable you to get rid of quantities of waste. The skip hire service at Farnek Services Ltd® is reliable. You get rid of your garbage soon after you contact us, same day. Our experienced skip service committee achieves the waste management task efficiently.


For abrupt delivery and to make the waste supervision method easier, you can use Man with a Van service. Farnek Services Ltd® has many enthusiastic men with their well-cared vans for the delivery of skips. We provide an immediate response to your orders and guarantee that waste removal according to your priorities.


Skip hire in Ceredigion is a garbage management association to takes care of waste produced by various projects. Our rubbish removal assistance is useful for projects both on smaller as well as larger scales. We guarantee you the positive behaviour of our rubbish removal crew in getting your rubbish pile cleaned. 


We have several sizes functional to suit your requirements according to your program capacity. All the available sizes are eligible to deal with every domestic, commercial and industrial job. Hire our outstanding services, book your required size and get it immediately at your desired area for extraordinary waste administration.

Mini Skip Hire Ceredigion is the smallest size skips capable of domestic waste disposal. These are convenient in two different sizes to suit your necessities. Mini skips are excellent for miniature apartment schemes and minor plot clear ups. Farnek Services Ltd® has its mini skips ready for you to book. 

Midi Skip Hire Ceredigion is a bit larger than the mini skips. Farnek Services Ltd® offers you disturbance-free delivery and abrupt waste management. Our skip quality is excellent and the prices are acceptable. The midi skips are reliable for more extensive domestic programs. These are favourable for significant renovations. 

Builder Skip Hire Ceredigion delivers skips that are larger than the midi skips and are assigned to organize significant quantities of junk. A huge renewal project waste, generated by commercial or domestic projects, is easily handled by these skips. These are applicable in different sizes and are relevant for large items.

Farnek Services Ltd® has a remedy to your larger project’s waste. Maxi skips are designed for managing volumes of rubbish. These are precise for numerous domestic, industrial, and commercial projects. Maxi skip Hire Ceredigion is obtainable in five sizes. These are generally booked via clients acquiring large garden and kitchen works. 

RORO Skip Hire Ceredigion is the enormous-sized skip available all over the UK. These skips can handle large waste piles. RORO skip is favourable for customers who have gigantic industrial and commercial jobs waste management. Farnek Services Ltd® has four different RORO skips available that match your requirements. 


Farnek Services Ltd® is one of the prominent waste management companies. Skip Hire Ceredigion prices are budget-friendly for our customers. We furnish excellent skip services at a low cost.

2 Yard Skip

A 2-yard skip is used to manage minor household waste. Its capacity is 20-30 black bin bags.

3 Yard Skip

A perfect choice to handle small waste amounts and can hold up to 30-40 bags.

4 Yard Skip

Suitable for domestic purposes and can hold 40-50black bin waste bags at moments' notice.

5 Yard Skip

It is beneficial for moderate range renovation projects and can manage 50-60 waste bags.

6 Yard Skip

A professional tool to manage voluminous waste and can carry up to 60-70 bags of garbage.

8 Yard Skip

This builder skip can easily handle construction waste equivalent to 70-80 black bin waste bags.

10 Yard Skip

It is convenient for bulky house cleanups and clearances and can manage 100-110 waste bags.

12 Yard Skip

You can even get rid of commercial waste. This maxi skip handles 120-130 trash bags.

14 Yard Skip

It is used for domestic and industrial purposes to dispose of 140-150 black bags of waste.

16 Yard Skip

It is favourable for commercial buyers to dispose of 170-180 bags of waste and trash.

18 Yard Skip

It can incredibly organize 190-200 waste bags and is hired particularly by commercial clients.

20 Yard Skip

The 200-210 waste bags which other skips cannot handle can easily managed a 20-yard skip.

25 Yard Skip

It is used to discard 275-280 bags of garbage produced by construction and industrial areas.

30 Yard Skip

Commercial clients use the 30 yard RORO skips for a vast number of 330-340 black waste bags.

40 Yard Skip

It is a massive skip and largest enormous skip and handles 440-450 waste bin bags.

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Best company I have ever employed. I am inspired to receive their services during the clearing of my garden. I had no difficulty with the garbage disposal. The skip quality is also unique and the prices are within budget.
During my office renovation, I wanted my waste managed, so I had to hire skips. I placed my order at Farnek Services and truthfully speaking I was astonished by the same-day delivery. I recommend Farnek.
Excellent services, terrific quality skips, and low price. Farnek supplies the best services. I was startled by the efficiency in their work and completion of the task. They complete the job within time. Keep up the excellent work Farnek.

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