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Farnek is one of the leading Total Facilities Management services providers in the UK. We have thousands of professionals registered with us including, security guards, engineers, plumbers, and many more. Security personnel companies and individuals have registered them with us. We consider security is one of the most important services in total facilities management. That’s why we have registered thousands of SIA (Security Industry Authority) licensed security guards with us.

We offer state-of-the-art and fully equipped with the latest technology tools security personnel to secure your premises and properties. Number of SIA licensed security guards companies and individuals are available at the largest total facilities management platform.

Our mission is to provide hassle-free security services by providing experienced, licensed, and highly dedicated security personnel. Our service charges are low as compared to other competitors.

The security providers, we provide at Farnek have efficient behaviour, honesty, execution, passion and sophisticated security solutions providers. We genuinely valued our customers and drafted our solutions packages as per their budgets and expectations.

Why choose us

Farnek has never trade-off its principles in supplying classic security solutions by providing SIA licensed security personnel who are registered with us. They do what they said with A-1 accomplished style.

They are available 24/7 for you. Their executive guards who are fitted with the latest security solutions technologies will secure our client’s valuables, customers, and staff from any assault, deterrence security issues.

They are proficient and customers centred. Their valise has the fluctuation to be stretched. We offer a vast range of security solutions by providing security providers to deliver our dispensations.

Our registered security provider companies and individuals are offering to regulate security solutions by practising state-of-the-art technologies on fluctuated rates as compared to market rates. We settled our benchmark as your keenness.

State-of-the-art Security


Door Supervisor


Are you looking for top-class Door Supervisors for your premises? Then Farnek is the best facilitator of providing security personnel. We have registered SIA licensed by British Industry, and highly trained Door Supervisors with us who will provide security solutions to you.
All the security provider companies and individuals are completely dressed in supervision, customer relations, and masses control who are registered with us. They will ensure that your security and safety is their top priority by providing efficient, professional, and dedicated security services.

A wide range of Door Supervisors is available at Farnek including, public houses, restaurants, hotels, night clubs, student union, live music venues, and many more places. We aim to facilitate our customers and security companies, and individual security guards.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your Door Supervisors at Farnek at cheap rates. We are a reliable source for providing SIA licensed, experienced, reliable security providers.

Corporate Security


Are you looking for Corporate Security guards for your premises? Farnek has the best security solution providers who are registered with us. They are SIA licensed, experienced, and highly efficient security providers. We facilitate our customers to book security guards from our total facilities management platform. We have registered only professionally trained, well mannered, and qualified security guards with us.

They are using high-tech technology tools to provide highly admired security services to our valued customers. They can protect you by giving CCTV Surveillance, Doorman security, and Mobile patrol security solutions, guaranteeing that you are secured. You can explore a wide range of security providers at Farnek.

Our Corporate Security solutions providers offer a wide range of security solutions including concierge, reception, offices, hotels, public sector, and airports. We have designed our packages that can meet your budget and expectations.

If you want to feel fully secured and protected book your Corporate Security solution. Book your quote online and we will send the security personnel to your given address.

Retail Security

Are you looking for reliable, professional, and state-of-the-art security to protect your retail business? Do you want to deter Retail theft? Farnek is the leading total facilities management services providers all across the UK. We are providing Retail Security service providers through our platform as thousands of security guards are registered with us.

All the companies who have registered them with us are trusted, UK-wide security providers. Any retail business keeps security on high agenda, whether it is a small boutique, a large department store or any other business. With matchless cross-sector expertise, these security providers will secure your business from shoplifting, stock damage, and organised crime.

A wide range of Retail Security services including, manned and static retail security, mobile retail security patrol, onsite CCTV installation & surveillance, and retail store detective are available at cheap rates as compare to other security companies.

Whether your security requirements are long-term or short-term, book your Retail Security solution. So what are you waiting for? Book your hassle-free quote today.

Residential Security


Looking for a reliable & trained Residential Security providers? Are you feeling under threat from vandals, burglars or intruders? Then you should choose Farnek, total facilities management services providers that have registered many experienced security companies and SIA licensed security personnel. We will facilitate you to connect with highly trained security companies to hire Residential Security guards.

You will find only experienced security personnel at our platform. They are fully equipped with state-of-the-art security tools to secure your home. They will be able to put you at ease with cost-effective security solutions including, CCTV, security guard wearing body-worn cameras, and mobile patrols.

We are providing security services providers all across the UK. These security companies are registered and licensed by the government. You need no worries in hiring the Residential Security guards from Farnek.

So, if you want to secure your home which is always close to the heart get your quote now. Our services are designed to meet your budget and exceed expectations as well.

CCTV Security


Do you want to have CCTV Security services for your home, office or business premises? Then you don’t need to visit anywhere. Farnek has the best solution to secure your premises. As we have registered security companies and individual security guards with us, they will provide CCTV Security services at cheap rates.

They have full competence to provide CCTV security solutions to your property from thermal imaging to bespoke installation to monitoring services. Their professional, qualified security personnel will leave you with a level of 24/7 protection. They will conduct checks 24/7 and 365 days a year to provide you with full confidence that you and your premises are secured.

A wide range of CCTV Security services including CCTV installation, CCTV Monitoring, Mobile CCTV Unit, and Thermal Imaging is provided by our registered security companies all over the UK.

What are you waiting for? You will not enjoy a wide range of security services anywhere except at Farnek. So get your quote and hire the most reliable security services at cheap rates.

Static Guard Security

Are you looking for Static Guard Security services? Why a Static Guard is hired for? If you have all these questions in your mind then Farnek will put your mind at ease by answering these questions. Thousands of security personnel and number of security companies have registered themselves with Farnek. Our static guard services can be enjoyed in hotels, events, retails, receptions, shopping centres, business parks, and many more.

We are providing Static Guard security solution providers with the best professional behaviour all across the UK. They will provide your business premises, highly acknowledged security services. We guarantee you that they will reduce the risks and prevent losses by providing proactive Static guarding at your businesses.

Whether you are a small businessman or having a large company, Static Guards security still proves to be the best solution. So don’t think too much to get a quote. Your satisfaction is our topmost priority. Our services rates are competitively low as compared to the market.

Top-Rated Security Services


Event Security


Are you looking for highly reliable security for your event? Farnek will solve your problem by providing professional, qualified, SIA licensed, and highly trusted Event Security service providers. As we are well-known total facilities management services providers, we have registered UK’s largest security companies and security guards with us.

We guarantee your satisfaction will be met and you will enjoy your Event Security services quite efficiently. Their approach to Event Security is starting from a strategic point of view. It begins with a realistic evaluation of threats, risks, and vulnerabilities assessments, will be faced by organizers, and event participants, and venue.

They use specific technology tools to deter and assault disruptions. No matter, if you organize the event at multiple venues, they will cover all the venues. All events including, parties, concerts, promotional events, and corporate meeting. You name the event and they will provide security services.

So, what are you waiting for? Let us know about your security needs, and we will let you know which security company can meet your needs.

VIP Security


Are you looking for reliable VIP protection? When do VIP Security guards need to hire? Then you are in the right place to get satisfactory answers as well as VIP Security. Farnek will provide the best security providers all across the UK. We have registered thousands of security guards and security companies as well.

We offer highly reliable security guards providers who are equipped with state-of-the-art technology tools. They have been providing VIP Security services to celebrities, politicians, and high-risk facing families as well. So, don’t worry about hiring one of our registered security companies. We guaranteeing their services as they have been working with many individuals and families.

The number of celebrities has hired VIP security guards from our registered private security companies. The security guards who will provide VIP Security are qualified, highly trained, and are used to handle difficult situations.

Book your quote and get cheapest VIP Security services as compared to the market. Let us know if you need VIP Security, we’ll never let you down.

Mobile Patrol Security


Are you not satisfied with CCTV surveillance security and want to add something more to tight the security? Then Farnek would be your first choice to get complete satisfaction with your security. We have been working with numerous security companies as well as individual licensed and experienced guards. These companies have registered them to our large platform.

On behalf of these registered, SIA licensed and experienced security companies, we offer affordable and reliable Mobile Patrol security services to our customers. If you are feeling that CCTV cameras are not giving you full confidence of being protected and secured. And add another security layer to provide full peace of mind to you

Most of the companies offer Mobile Patrol security that will secure your premises, and surrounding areas as well. They have been providing these services to many of our clients. So, you should not be worried at all, their Mobile Patrols are fully equipped with the latest technology tools.

What makes you an over thinker? Book your quote and hire unbeatable mobile patrol security services.

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