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When you clean your home or other residential sites, a lot of rubbish is produced then. It can cause many severe diseases in humans as well as can affect other living things. This rubbish needs to be removed properly to keep your environment clean and healthy.

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In the UK, many companies are providing rubbish removal services. Farnek Services Ltd® is one of the best rubbish removal companies which offer you excellent trash removal services. They have the professionals to perform the garbage removing tasks. Their team of professionals knows how to remove all the trash from your homes, gardens, offices, and construction sites effectively. They have experience of many years and the modern equipment for performing these tasks. Ikhtiaar
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Farnek Services Ltd® knows the significance of a clean and healthy environment. We remove all debris, whether it is harmful or not.

Solid Waste

We have a well-trained team that will remove all your solid waste quickly. such as bricks, concrete, timber, and stones.

Electric Waste

Damaged appliances need to dispose of. We provide safe,hassle-free, and eco-friendly electrical waste removal services.

Liquid Waste

We handle liquid waste like flammable solvents, paint waste, grease trap, used oil, coolants, oil-water efficiently.

Recyclable Waste

We carry recyclable waste from your residential areas and transfer them to waste management companies.

Hazardous Waste

Our experienced team knows very well how to handle hazardous waste items, and they remove them efficiently.

Demolition Debris

We offer a variety of demolition waste management services for different projects. We remove demolition waste with accuracy.

Medical Waste

Farnek rubbish removers dispose of all this medical waste generated in the diagnosis and treatments of patients.

Green Waste

Biodegradable waste produced by gardens & wood can be handled. We manage green waste in a useful and environment-friendly way.


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My garden was full of leaves, grass clippings, trimmings, old stumps, and tree branches. It was looked as it can never be a beautiful garden. Then I hired Farnek company. They came and made my garden such beautiful and clean. I am in love with their work. Thanks for making my garden lovely.
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Eliba Kene
I had many hazardous materials in my home, which I don’t dare to remove by myself. I called them, and they can remove all the dangerous items without harming other things. Great service!

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