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Are you worried about the care of your loved ones at their own home? Do you want to hire an experienced caregiver at affordable prices? Do you require a helping hand from a professional carer? Are you hunting for a caregiver service provider agency near you? Then Farnek would be the best place from where you can hire an experienced, dedicated and professionally trained carer. We have registered caregiver agencies from all across the UK. They have a professional team of carers who can meet your requirements. 

These registered companies have been working in this industry for many years as they have special training programmes for the training of their carers. We are the most trusted supplier of carers in the whole UK. So, you don’t need to be worried at all as we will facilitate you in hiring the most accredited carers from our extensive platform. These registered carers support families and individuals to deal with life’s challenges, from simple grocery shopping to the most damaging and emotional conditions that life flings at us. 

The consistency is the fundamental part of the care of your loved ones. So, it is our top priority to provide only those carers who can understand the needs of your loved ones like, their favourite meal, what newspaper they like to read, and their memories. All these tiny caring services collectively make a clear difference in the life of your loved ones.

Why Choose Us

why choose us

If you want to care about your loved one’s by hiring an experienced and insured carer, Farnek can proudly say that we have the best carers registered from all over the country. They have been providing carer services from the last many years and accredited by our customers. We will help you in deciding what carer service can suit your loved one’s personality and needs. From selecting the care type to picking the carer, we will work closely with you to review the carer services plan on a routine basis.

Our registered carer service providers have designed hassle-free and straight-forward care services. Hundreds of families put their trust in us and hire carers according to their needs and requirements. We are available at 24/7 and our service rates are cost-effective along with matchless services. These caregivers will help your loved ones to enjoy their independence and do what they want to do. Farnek would be the guarantor of these caregivers as we have collected all the required information before their registration at  We have specialist carers and we call them our real heroes. They have been caring for elderly people by using splendid communication skills. The prices of hiring the carers from our platform are less than our market competitors. We care and value your trust and money. Another factor which involves is the language, our registered carers are fluent in English. So, there is no barrier that would create a hassle for your loved ones during the interaction with these carers. 

24-hour Care Service

24-hour Care Service

Are you looking for 24-hour care for your loved ones? Do you have old age relatives who are struggling to cope with their daily routine work at theri own homes? Farnek offers specialist carers who will provide round the clock care services to your beloved elders at their own home. If your elderly family members don’t want to depart from their homes to old age shelters, then you can hire a carer for their special care at home. Through our extensive total facilities management, you can get a carer for 24-hour which will suit your beloved ones’ personality and needs. 

We have registered individual and caring service provider companies with us from all over the UK. They have fully trained and insured carers who are always ready to provide caring services to your beloved ones. They are dedicated and compassionate carers who will work round the clock with your elderly beloved ones at their homes. The 24-hour care will help your beloved ones to be in the environment of their own preferred. In these services, a professional caregiver shifted to your home to monitor your wellbeing, around the clock. 

These carers are specially trained and insured to provide 24-hour nursing care to your elderly beloved ones with complex health needs including, tube-feeding, dissoluteness, stomas. They will take care of your beloved ones very closely by using their communication skills and experience. No need to over think to put your loved ones in safe hands. Book your required carer and feel free. 

Private Home Care Service

Private Home Care Service

Is your loved one couldn’t manage his/her tasks at their own homes? Are you in a need to hire a private home carer at affordable prices? Farnek understands that it is very difficult to manage when an elderly family member struggles to manage its personal daily routine. It will become very difficult and confusing to know where to turn? In private home care, our registered carers will give a helping hand, friendly face, and special support to your beloved ones to make them feel that they are spending their time in a very productive way.

Old age, illness, injuries, and some other special conditions of your beloved old family members restrained them to perform their daily routine including, washing, dressing, and preparing food. If your beloved ones don’t want to move into the care homes, private home care can help them with tribulations and offer the support to enjoy their time safely and happily according to their taste. Our carers will help them in their everyday tasks like cleaning, washing, and supportive care with the fundamental needs like bathing, and toileting.

 Are you looking for putting your loved ones in a safe and secure enviornment? Then you should hire a carer from us as they have exceptional qualities and highly qualification in dealing with the problems of your loved ones. There are many clients who need a private home carer for an hour or a week. If your loved one cannot live without any special assitance in their daily routine work, then you need to hire our special carers who have registered them with us. So, lets care your loved ones and feel them relaxed in their old age as they have guarded you in your childhood. 

End of Life Care Service

End of Life Care Service

Is your beloved one is spending the last days of life? Are you looking for a carer to provide end of life or palliative caring services to your beloved one? End of life care service is suitable for those who are spending their last days of life, concentrated on cheer and benefit. These carers are CQC (Care Quality Commission)  registered and ready to provide helping hand to your beloved ones. In other words, we can say that end of life care is the treatment of symptoms and can spread to counselling and emotional support.

We can understand that nothing can erase the pain on losing our beloved ones, but the end of life carer can provide a helping hand to the whole family and allow your beloved one to spend last days in ease and honour. It doesn’t mean to say that end of life care means that death is imminent or the medical team has given up on providing medical aid to your loved ones. It can be taken as a positive term that accessing care can be a very positive step to maximise the joy and fulfilment.

 If you and your loved one are in a need to hire an end of life carer, you may have a huge amount on your mind. So, in this case, you don’t need to be worried at all as the good news is that there are many options available which will meet your requirements and budget as well. All these services will be provided at the end of life care service, psychological support, self-help and support, symptom control, complementary therapies, and spiritual support. So, why are you thinking too much? Personal assitance and helping hand in other home tasks as well as the security services of your loved one is one of the most important objective of these carers. 

Disability Care Service

Disability Care Service

Do you have any loved one who is disabled and in a need to have assistance? Are you looking for hiring a disability carer near you? Then you don’t need to stumble now as farnek has registered carers with it. These carers have got years of experience in the caring services industry. They are experienced and compassionate in providing helping hand to you or your loved one who is disabled. This service ranges from everyday tasks like bathing and toileting to nursing assistance with complex needs.

If you hire a carer from our platform, you will get the best caring service providers who can provide support to your loved ones. We are fully aware of the fact that every disabled person has to face different challenges and have different needs. So, we have versatile carers who will fit for different needs and requirements of differently disabled persons. The disability live-in care simply points toward the practical support of the disabled person at home. 

All requirements and needs including, medication, intensive care, complex nursing, managing incontinence, safety, and sensitive support will be provided to your disabled loved one. Carers, who have registered themselves at Farnek, have experience in working with the people living with disabilities. However, what makes you dull in hiring the highly skilled carer who can provide 24/7 services to help your elderly loved one to feel secure and independent. Have trust in them as we have complete history of these carers. Look nowhere! Just place an order to hire your required carer. 

Elderly Care Service

Elderly Care Service

Are you looking for live-in elderly carer near you at affordable prices? If you have elderly family members at your home and need caring services, then you don’t need to be worried at all. We offer carers who are equipped with exceptional communication skills and working experience with elderly persons in their own homes. Through getting this service for your loved ones, elderly carer will make sure that your loved one is living in an independent and secure environment. It is a fact that as the age passes, infirmity and illness can create hassle to perform daily routine household tasks including, cooking, cleaning, shopping, and care for own self.

When elderly persons face all the above-mentioned problems, then they definitely need carer services. These elderly home carer or senior live-in care services additionally provide emotional and practical support desperately needed to give a helping hand to your loved ones to stay happy and healthy in their own home, they love the most. The professionally trained and dedicated carers provide many services to elderly persons including, household jobs, like bathing, shopping, assistance in dressing and washing, and help to go to the loo.

 The perfect level of elderly care service depends upon the health condition of your loved one and their preferences. The elderly carer may need to be hired for a day or a few hours or to provide a helping hand, friendly face, for round the clock care service. In addition, it may include, elderly nursing care to give a helping hand and support complex needs like incontinence, ventilation or tube-feeding. What are you waiting for? Book your quote and let your loved ones in safe and responsible hands. 

Live-in Care Service

Live-in Care Service

Are you in a need to hire a carer for live-in care services near you at affordable prices? If you don’t want to send your loved ones to care homes, then hire one of our registered live-in carer. In this service, your loved one will enjoy safety and independence at their own homes. Farnek can proudly say that we have been providing professional, high-quality, and dedicated live-in carer service providers across the whole country. If you want to arrange a live-in carer for your loved one please consult with us.

Live-in care has an extensive range of duties performed by the live-in carer including, personal, emotional, and practical care for your loved ones around the clock in their own homes. Our registered carers will provide a helping hand, support and nursing care for the whole day. The carer will assist with routines, support in daily routine tasks like bathing, washing, toileting, and in food preparation. Your loved ones security is the main objective of these carers who are registered with us. They will also offer chat, provide company, and a friendly face. 

If there is a need to provide a helping hand and support to manage the complex tasks, they will provide their services to manage incontinence, administer medication. There are many people who need live-in care as they are now in old age. Dementia, diseases, and other disability factors are involved to create problems for elderly people if they live without support. Now care homes are not the only option to use for the care of your loved ones. Do hurry! Book your required carer and feel free from the care of your beloved ones.

Home Nursing Care Service

Home Nursing Care Service

Are you looking for home nursing care services near you? If you want to keep your loved ones at their own homes and not to send them in care homes then you are in the right place. Farnek can provide the solutions to your loved ones without sending them into the home cares. We have registered a number of carers from all across the UK with us. They offer their services through our platform at affordable prices. We offer private nursing carers at home and around the clock nursing care service from the UK’s largest viable total facilities management platform. The Care Quality Commission has rated our registered carer service providers.

The registered general nurses supervise the nursing carer provided at homes. Nursing care is basically provided in hospitals and hospice, but 24 hours live in nursing care services are also provided in homes. These carers are able to deal with tracheostomies, monitor ventilation, stomas, Catheters, and PEG feeding or tube-feeding. Live-in nursing care helps the elderly person to get more progression of care, more intimate surrounding. 

The Live-in carer can provide care services for dementia, neurological, cancer, brain and spinal cord injury patients. These patients will get a helping hand from professional carers to face the problems in their own home. At Farnek, we are specialised in sourcing out professionally trained, compassionate, and experienced carers to provide home live-in nursing care services at affordable prices. You don’t need to go anywhere, just book your quote and let these carers to take the hassle away from your loved ones. 

Live-in Respite Care Services

Live-in Respite Care Services

Are you looking for a live-in respite carer at cost-effective prices near you? If you require live-in respite carer, you can hire from Farnek as it is the biggest platform of providing total facilities management services. You can hire a professional carer who can provide temporary live-in respite care services. Care homes are now out of fashion whereas live-in care is becoming popular among the people very fastly. Home care has been highly acknowledged by the people as it is the way of care where your loved ones stay at home and get proper carer services. Respite live-in is one of the best carer services for elderly people and getting much attention of the people in the recent past years.

The recent survey shows the huge number of carers in the Uk which is more than 7 million and will be increased 60% in the upcoming 30 years. About 5.4 million carers are those who are unpaid and caring theri loved ones. But the fact is caregiving is the challenging task and leave carers burned-out and drained of energy. They work for more than 50 hours or more on weekly basis in an intense enviornment. 

So, respite live-in care service is available at affordable prices. If you’re looking for live-in respite carer for your loved one, you may need a professionally trained carer immediately. Hurry up! Book your quote and enjoy carer services by the most experienced, highly qualified, and insured carers. We offer a complete flexible carer service provider according to your loved one personality and requirements. Hurry up! Book your quote and put your loved ones in secure hands. 

Companionship Care Service

Companionship Care Service

Are you looking for a helping hand, a friendly face, and support for your loved one near you? Farnek has tailored companionship carer services to meet the requirements and needs of the individual, also supporting your loved ones to live active, social, and fulfilling life. We have registered live-in companionship carers form all over the UK who have years of experience in this field. This service is for those old age people who are healthy and happily living in their own homes lonely.

They face problems when they fell ill and frail. In this condition they need a friendly face to chat with them and help them in their daily routine work. Through this service, we can help them to improve their health and maintain their safety as well as boost the quality of their life. If your loved one is struggling to live independently and need a helping hand then these carers will help your loved ones to live their life in their own homes. Our registered carers will help your loved ones to avoid loneliness, health problems, and perofrm their tasks easily. 

If your loved one has lost its partner or has impaired mobility, it may affect outgoings or to the social events of your loved ones. In this situation a companionship carer will give an elbow to lean on to your loved ones. They will provide personal assistance to your loved ones. There are some other responisbilities including posting a letter, shopping needs, dishwasher needs, and other tasks will be reliably done by these carers. Now, prepare your mind and ask for the carer at affordable prices. 

Overnight Care Service

Overnight Care Service

If you are looking for overnight carer for your loved ones to help them to live safely at their own homes, then you are in the right place to hire a carer. We have registered thousands of carers with us from all over the UK. Their motive is to provide safety to your loved ones at their own homes by supporting in home tasks. It would be very challenging for you if your loved one is disturbed, and agitated, or cramped in the night. Farnek is proudly offer a compassionate, dedicated and quality carers to oyur loved ones to improve their well-being and quality of life.

As the name of this care service shows that it is perfectly designed for those who have restless, sleepless, and distressed nights and want to get relieved. Dementia and fraility increase the vulnurability overnight whereas darkness at night can be caused injuries and falls. However, overnight carers will help and support your loved ones to avoid all these difficult situations. They will provide helping hand and sensitive supervision to keep your loved ones safe and secure. You will be rest assured that your loved ones are in safe hands as we have registered only professionals with us.  

Therefore, if you hire overnight carer from our platform we assure you that your loved one will enjoy his presence. You don’t need to be worried at all whether they will take care or not of your beloved ones. We have dressed up the whole responsibilities of these carers, so, you just need to book your quote and fell relaxed. 

Visiting Care Service

Visiting Care Service

Are you not deciding whether you or your loved one need visiting carer or not? If you or your loved one is struggling to manage at home, hire a visiting carer who will support you and your loved ones who are living lonely at their own homes. Our registered carer will provide visiting care service to your loved ones to help them and support them in living a full, satisfying and independent life. The visiting care is the care provided by our registered carers to your loved ones at their own homes. In this service, they will visit their homes at flexible times to provide emotional and personal support.

If you don’t need to hire a live-in carer then visiting carer would be the perfect choice to meet the requirements of your loved ones. Farnek has registered only those carers who are insured and professionally trained in their particular service area. A visiting carer will visit your loved ones and give a helping hand in their medication as well as in other matters which includes;  washing, cooking, toileting etc. However, your loved one will remain at their homes and cope with the chores and other routine tasks. 

We offer a bespoke carer to our valued customers at competitive rates. These registered carers are totally flexible and capable to develop to satisfy advancing demands. They have been providing regulated and introductory carers. Both the models are highly acknowledged by the elderly people. So, both of these services models are designed to meet your loved one’s requirements and budgets. Why you’re stumbling to hire your required carer? Just book your quote and let yourself care-free. 

Domiciliary Care Service

Domiciliary Care Service

Are you looking for domiciliary care at your own home at affordable prices? Another personal and practical help and support provided at homes. They are professionally trained and highly qualified carers who will give a helping hand and support to your loved ones to be safe and secure in the convenience and familiarity of their own homes. In simple words, domiciliary can be named as home. In other words, we can say that private care provided at elderly peoples at their own home. In this service, carers give helping hand support to the elderly people to cope with the domestic chores and personal care in other matters that can be a challenging task.

The domiciliary carers help your loved ones to live in an independent environment in their own home, the place which is very near to their hearts. If your loved ones are alone at their home and need a helping hand and support in their routine work include; washing, cleaning, medication, chatting, companionship, and many more. Any visiting assistance can be provided by domiciliary carers. Non-physical care such as reminders, encouragements, and monitoring their daily routines is also provided in this service. A close personal care, and physiological assistance are also the major parts of domiciliary care service. 

Farnek has registered only special carers and we call them modern-day heroes as they have a challenging task to deal with. High-skills, capability, and dedication of these carers clearly differentiate the level of services offered by them. They have got incredible communication skills and fluent in English. So, you can hire a domiciliary carer at cost-effective rates. Book your quote and feel secure about your elderly loved ones.

Carer Services FAQ'S

All kinds of carer services offered by us at affordable prices. These services are mentioned below.

  • 24-hour Care Service
  • Private Home Care Service
  • End of Life Care Service
  • Disability Care Service
  • Elderly Care Service
  • Live-in Care Service
  • Home Nursing Care Service
  • Live-in Respite Care Service
  • Companionship Care Service
  • Overnight Care Service
  • Visiting Care Service
  • Domiciliary Care Service

 It is a very simple way to hire a carer for your family or loved ones at affordable prices. You can let us know about your requirements and what carer service do you want to have and we will help you in finding an experienced carer for you. You can simply get your quote online through our website. 

 It is a service offered by our registered carers for 24 hours, a helping hand to your loved ones or family members at their own home. Through this service, your loved ones will not have to move into the care homes. It is a comprehensive tailored service which will meet the requirements, offered to your loved ones and family members at affordable pricing.

Absolutely, all of our registered carer service providers are trained and meet the standard of Carer services in the United Kingdom. They have attended additional training for the development of their personal skills. So, you can put your trust in us and hire a carer for your family members at Farnek. 

Yes, they all are insured. For personal and public liability, they are fully insured.

Yes, all of our registered carer services providers are inspected by CQC (Care Quality Commission). They are also registered with Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW). 

Farnek is a total facility management service provider company and operates from all over the UK. So, wherever you required carer services within the United Kingdom, we are available for 24/7.

Yes, you can get short-term carer services from all over the UK. We are here to provide a carer for as much time as you need. If you are just discharged from the hospital and need live-in care services for round the clock support, we can help you by providing a respite live-in care service.

We have proper database management of our registered carers with us. Our process is very vigorous. No carer can be recruited if he/she meets our carer registration criteria. We obtain at least two references for recruitment. Police check and criminal database check is also done by us. A comprehensive interview is taken by experts to check experience, personality, fluency in English, past work history, and hobbies. 

 Yes, but under some rules including, you will be responsible for the insurance of your carer if he drives your car. You have to check his driving license before giving him the keys of your car. 

Yes, you can hire the same carer who had provided his services before. You just need to mention his name at the time of hiring. 

Usually, Live in carer takes their meals along with the person who hired him for the carer services. We will recommend you to buy more grocery than usual as the live-in carer will cook food for the person whom he cared for. And he can take his meal too. If you want to take a meal with your family or alone then he will respect your wishes and will not take a meal with you. But he can cook for himself at your home.

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