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Do you have the idea of how to cover the vast amount of waste like industrial material and bulky articles? If you have then all right, otherwise, 18 Cubic Yard Skip is an excellent choice for all large projects. The 18 yard skip price is also very low. It is the last and the sizable part of the Maxi Skip in the skip hire services.

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People who presume other skips levels are not enough for the waste material’s they seek for this holder. 18 Yard Skip is brimmed up with multiple benefits and holds the debris of all types, e.g.,


  • Construction Side: (Inert Waste) for example Bricks, Hardcore Tiles & Sub-Soil.
  • Domestic Affairs: (Home Renovation) for example Kitchen & Bathroom Refits.
  • Wood: (Refurbishment) for example Broken Pieces of Furniture
  • Organic Waste: (Garden Clearance) for example Leaves, Branches & Grass, etc.
  • DIY Projects: (General Trash) for example Decorating Stuff & Metal.

18-yard skip price may differ for different locations.