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We are a big name in skip hire services our 16 yard skip is one of the important maxi skips in the UK. A massive amount of waste is not a topic to think about because the 16 Cubic Yard Skip is here to clear the debris up with a low 16 yard skip price. No doubt, there are many other skips but the vast volume of waste is the task of Sixteen Yard skip. This canister manages the household and organic assignments plus holds 170 to 180 black bin bags. Also, all the material that you see in the streets is not an issue for this skip.

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The people who consider 14 Yard skip can’t handle the trash they normally order for this drawer. Plenty of people are confused about which skip is right for their tasks: Fourteen Yard or Sixteen Yard? They can ask for our team of experts who will resolve this issue and additionally guide you on all rules for inserting a skip.

Maxi skip is bigger than Builder that is utilized for the considerable waste material. It’s divided into 12, 14, 16, and 18 Yard Skip. The most medium and perfect option of this kind is 16-yard skip price for different locations. Whichever sort of garbage you have to keep in the skip Sixteen Cubic Yard Skip, it easily fixes the trash like

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  • Garden Refurbishments
  • Kitchen Clearance
  • Bathroom Upgrade
  • Office Renovation
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