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At Farnek, we have been providing electrical services providers to our valued customers all across the UK. Thousands of City & Guilds highly trained, experienced,  and professional Electricians and electrical service provider companies have registered themselves to our total facilities management platform. We will provide electricians who are competent, highly trained, qualified and experienced in their field. Farnek is fully aware of the complicated challenges faced by domestic consumers.

So, we suggest you for your safety do not try to handle the electrical problems on your own. You may put yourself and your electrical appliances at risk, especially when you don’t have the basic knowledge of electrical things. We take customers’ feedbacks about the services provided by these engineers. Farnek offers a comprehensive solution for residential and commercial problems at your doorstep. We not only guide our customers but also provide the best solution providers for their electrical problems. The registered engineers with us, provide all the electrical services with the best professional behaviour. 

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farnek why choose us

why choose us

Farnek is the largest platform of total facilities management in the UK. We have designed our services packages meeting our customers’ budget and expectations. We put our customers on our first top priority. So that our customers enjoy all the facilities on one platform. The customer care is one of our topmost priority. The registered electricians with us use smart technology to resolve any type of electrical problem. Farnek has been providing the most innovative electrician services providers all across the UK. 

We are a registered company and committed to delivering efficient, effective, and fast electrical solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations. We have a complete database of the electric solution providers who have registered with us. The service charges are as low as you think and services are unbeatable. Farnek would help you to save time and money by enjoying the services on your demand. These electrical engineers are available 24/7 to provide solutions to your problems. 


Electric Boiler Installation & Servicing

Are you having a problem with your boiler? Do you want  you to install a new Boiler? Are you worried about your boilers’ uneconomical performance? Let Farnek know, we will provide you with the best Electrical Boiler solution providers.  If your Electric Boiler has occurred a fault and its performance decreased, contact Farnek, we will provide the best solution providers who are registered with us. They are specialist in installation and servicing the Electrical Boilers. 

We are 24/7 ready to take your online bookings and these engineers will attend your premises. The registered electricians have experience in the installation and repair/servicing all types of boilers, unvented hot water system, thermal stores, under sink heater, and many other boilers .What are you waiting for? Hurry up! Book your quote and see the difference in prices as well. Farnek guarantees you that services provided to you will be followed back and your satisfaction is our top priority. 


Electric Boiler Repair

Is your Electric Boiler need a professional repairing? Is your Electric Boiler has become a white elephant for you? Then you should have no worries. Farnek has the most credible team of engineers registered with it. They have years of experience in installing, fixing, and servicing electrical heating system. In these years they have faced all types of breakdowns you could possibly name. As we are fully aware of the fact that a boiler emergency is catastrophic for people in the UK. During the freezing winters, a heating system is the only genuine necessity to keep warm your home, office and flat. The registered engineers with Farnek would respond quickly on your order and repair your boiler in no time. 

As we have registered only experienced and fully trained electric heating engineers, and dispatch somebody to your given address with real speed. If you don’t want to face a complete breakdown of your electrical heating system, then book your quote online. Our boiler repair service providers are available round the clock to give you full peace of mind. 


Electric Cooker

Have you got a problem with your Electric Cooker/Over? Are you looking for cheap Electric Cooker repair? Is your electric cooker is playing up? Then, Farnek is the best platform for total facilities management services. We have registered thousands of experienced engineers with us who can repair any brands’ cooker effectively. They repair Cooker/Oven on “No repair No Fee” basis. These engineers have years of experience in the market. They are trained engineers and graduated from City & Guilds. The prices for fixing the Electrical Cookers are fixed and you will not ask to pay extra charges. 

Why do you want to replace your faulty Electrical Cooker? When we can fix it and it will work as it is a brand new cooker. We will send an experienced engineer to your premises in no time. No matter where are you from all over the UK. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up! Book your repair now. Our prices are as low as you can imagine. 


Electric Heating

Do you require Electric Heating repair services? Is your Electric Heating system not producing heat effectively? Does the Electric Heating system not provide sufficient heat? Turn to Farnek, we have been providing Electric Heating repair service providers all across the UK. These professional engineers and companies have been registered with us. They are highly qualified, trusted and experienced Electric Heating repair service providers.  Farnek would be the guarantor of these Electric service providers. We suggest that you should choose our service providers who are equipped with all the latest technology tools that can help in providing the solution to your problem. 

Electric Heating repairs should be carried out by the professionals as it is all about the safety of yourself and your property as well. No risk should be taken to save a few pounds that can be dangerous for you. Electric Heating system is a totally underground or underfloor system and if it faces any fault then it should be repaired as soon as possible to avoid any risk. What are you waiting for? Book your quote today and enjoy hassle-free services at your doorstep. 


Electric Radiators

Are you looking for repair or installation of Electric Radiators? Do you want to save money in terms of electric billing? Then contact Farnek and forget about the freezing winter outside and enjoy Electric Radiator repair/installation services all across the UK. Rely on genuine engineers who can help you to install the right heating appliance that can meet your requirements. We have registered many electric radiator service provider companies and individuals with us. They are highly trained, qualified, certified from City & Guilds and experienced engineers. They are equipped with the latest technology tools that can be helpful in repairing Electric Radiators. We guaranteed that they will provide unbiased expert advice about the positioning of your radiator. 

They will ensure a thorough examination of your radiator and fix the problems including the mounting radiator valves, repairing of leaking radiators and any other problem that occurs during the cross-examination. So, why you are thinking too much? Just book your order and get a quote. We ensure that our services are quick and cheap as compared to the market. 


Electric Range Cookers

Do you require Electric Range poker repair services? Does the Electric Range Cooker not work properly? Are you not satisfied with the performance of your electric cooker? Then contact Farnek, a total facilities management service providers. A large number of electric engineers have registered them with us. They have got years of experience in the professional field and provided solutions all across the UK. We have a complete history of their professional work and registered them with us. We are facilitating our customers to hire an Electric Range Cooker repairing engineer from our platform. These electric engineers are fully equipped and are available 24/7 to repair Electric Range Cooker. Here are some common faults in Electric Range Cookers, tripled electrics in the cooker, not heating, getting too hot, thermostat faults, and grill element does not heat properly. 

Our registered engineers understand how frustrating when an Electric Range Cooker stop working. So you should choose one of our service providers and enjoy hassle-free services. Now, book your quote and get affordable services. Our registered service providers are always ready to provide solutions. 


Electric Showers

Do you require an Electric Shower engineer? Is your Electric Shower not working properly? Why not let an experienced engineer repair your Electric Shower? Turn to Farnek, we have registered thousands of engineers with us. We are not service providers but facilitating our registered engineers to provide their electrician services to our valued customers. These engineers are highly trained, approved form City & Guilds, and experienced in providing Electric Shower installation and repairing services all across the UK. They are equipped with all the latest technology tools. They will find the fault in a faulty shower and fix it straight away. Usually, faults occur in the electric shower due to fault in the electrical component and pressure issue. 

The cold water experience in freezing winters may lead you to health problems. So, if you are experiencing this difficulty, you should hire an expert from our platform who can provide the solution effectively. What are you waiting for? Farnek has designed its services packages that can easily meet your requirements and budget as well. Hurry up! Book your quote and enjoy matchless services through our registered engineers. 


Electric Smart Thermostat

Do you want to install an Electric Smart Thermostat? Are you looking for your Smart Thermostat repairing services? Farnek would be the first choice of yours as we have registered thousands of thousands of engineers with us from all across the UK. We will provide the best electrician to you who has years of experience in handling the Electric Smart Thermostats. They all have been certified by City & Guilds and trusted engineers equipped with state-of-the-art technology tools of electricians. Electric Smart Thermostats are used to control and adjust the central heating system through a remote. No matter where you are, you can control the temperature system of your home and office through your smartphone. You can also set up the heating system schedule on your own through your device. You can also pair your device with voice-activation. 

They will provide installation and repairing services to you at the most affordable prices in the whole UK. So book your quote and get acknowledged services through our platform. Our services packages are as low as you can imagine.


Electric Heater

Is your Electric Heater not working properly? Do you want an engineer to fix the Electric Heater? Have you noticed a tilt in the performance of your Electric Heater? Then, you should contact Farnek, we have registered many electrician service companies and individual electrical engineers with us. We will provide you with the best Electric Heater repair services providers at our platform. All registered electricians are highly trained, certified, and experienced electricians. They will find the fault in your Electric Heater and give you unbiased expert advice to repair your device. They have experienced many problems in kitchen appliances and repaired them by using their experience.  An Electric Heater may face one of the faults mentioned here, heating elements may burn out, failure of thermostats, failure in switches and cords, failure in heater fans.

Farnek is guaranteeing the services of its registered electricians. They will provide full peace of mind by providing hassle-free electrician services at your doorstep. So, don’t hesitate to contact Farnek. Book your quote and find the best innovative electrician services. Our services packages are designed to meet your budget. 


Electric Stoves

Do you require an electrician to repair your Electric Stoves? Are you looking for an experienced electrician? Then you should have no worries at all. Farnek would be your first choice. We have registered thousands of engineers with us and they are highly trained, certified, and experienced electricians. We have been providing Electric Stoves solution providers to our valued customers at the lowest prices. They have years of experience in handling faulty Electric Stoves. If your Electric Stoves face any problem, our electric service providers will provide a cost-effective solution at your doorstep. 

If your Electric Stove shows that it is not heated, the fan does not work properly or making a noise, trips the electrics. You should hire an electrician from our platform to enjoy unbeaten services. So what are you waiting for? Book your quote now and enjoy unbeaten electrician services at the cheapest prices. Don’t hesitate to contact Farnek. Here you will find total facilities management services by the professional engineers. 

Electrician Services FAQ'S

We offer an extensive list of electrician services at affordable prices. A list of these services is mentioned below. 

  • Electric Boiler Installation Services
  • Electric Boiler Repair Services
  • Electric Cooker Services
  • Electric Heating Services
  • Electric Radiators Services
  • Electric Range Cookers Services
  • Electric Showers Services
  • Electric Smart Thermostat Services
  • Electric Heater Services
  • Electric Stove Services

We cover the whole United Kingdom. As we have registered thousands of electricians at our sustainable and viable platform of total facilities. 

 If you have a property which is used for multiple occupations then according to the standard time of inspection which is carried out every 5 years. And if your property is House for Multiple Occupation, you don’t need to have the inspection after 5 years. But we will suggest you have a periodic inspection. This guidance is on legal grounds.

We will suggest you get your boiler serviced after a year. Through this yearly service, your boiler working capacity will be increased and it will last longer as you want.

it is as simple as you can imagine, you just need to post your requirement and we will provide you with the best quality electrician service provider at affordable prices. 

If you think that your boiler is not energy efficient more and increase your cost in bills, we will suggest you change your boiler as it will no longer a liability on your pocket. We recommend you to hire an electrician from our platform and let him check your boiler first before changing it. He will suggest you in the best possible way. 

An EICR (Electrical Inspection & condition report) is a comprehensive report of associated testing to check if the electrical installation is in the satisfactory condition for the continuity of the services. On the finish of the important inspection and testing, an Electrical Installation Condition Report will be given itemizing any watched harm, disintegration, abandons, hazardous conditions and any non-compliances with the present-day security standard which may offer ascent to threat.

 This report can be prepared by the registered electrician and we have only registered electricians who are always ready to provide their services. They are available round the clock to provide full peace of mind to our valued clients.

Yes, we are always ready to fix your electrical problem by providing experienced, highly trained, and dedicated engineers at affordable prices as compared to the market. If you need the emergency services, no matter what kind or size of the problem you are facing, just make a call or book online your required electrician. Thes electricians are available 24/7 to fix your emergency problems.

Yes, any kind of installation or service/repair will be guaranteed for 12 months.

Yes, we offer the contract to landlords, industrial clients, commercial clients, and estate agents. You just need to contact us and let us know the scope of the contract which you want to have.

Mostly, yes, we can provide free quotes to our valued clients. This might be given verbally when you call us or recorded as a hard copy and we may need to visit your premises relying upon the sort of work required. Depending upon the area of your premises and the sort of task to be done a charge may apply on some occasions - if so then you will be informed by our customer care services when you get in touch with us. 

Yes, our electricians are available at any time which suits you. They also work on weekends and holidays. We have designed our service structure according to our customers’ requirements. So, you can hire an electrician at any time as we work around you

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