Top Dry Cleaning Guidelines, You have to Consider for the Best Quality.

Dry Cleaning

What is Dry Cleaning?

The process of dry cleaning is always more gentle than general washing. Dry cleaning is recommended for materials such as wool, silk, acetates and some other stuff. The benefit of dry cleaning is to save your material from shrinkage, color loss, freezing and coarseness in your stuff. The process of dry cleaning does not bring that much cleaning and Shine In the stuff as laundering does. If you are taking the service of a professional dry cleaner, he will not let you know the difference between the laundry cleaning and dry cleaning.

Instructions to always Consider

Either you are doing that dry cleaning yourself or you’re taking the services of professional dry cleaners you should always take care of the label instructions which the manufacturers legally give at the time of purchasing. If you are taking services for dry cleaning and you are leaving your items at the dry cleaners we should make sure that you point out what and where the stains are and what precautions cleaner should maintain in providing service.

 Dry cleaning is a very crucial process. It requires very careful handling of the items. The process of dry cleaning requires some particular chemicals. The dry cleaning chemicals are particularly to dry clean the items such as Silks, wool, acetates and other fine quality materials. The items which are made of silk or velvet should also get dry cleaning rather than washing.

The main benefit of dry cleaning is that it safeguards the stuff of the items. Above all , cleaning ensures that the surface of the item is not made coarse. One advantage of dry cleaning is that it keeps the glossy and Shiny look of the items intact. It is incumbent upon the dry cleaners to follow some protocols and procedures. If the dry cleaners lack in any of the procedures and protocols it can affect the item badly.

The dry cleaner should take care to choose the chemicals specifically according to the material. There is a large variety of fabrics dry cleaners clean. With the wide variety of fabric stuff the market also offers a wide variety of cleaning solutions and Chemicals. It is unwise to hand over your precious items to untrained dry cleaners. Your top priority should be to go for the trained and experienced dry cleaners.

How does Dry Cleaning Work?

A professional cleaner always follows the steps and protocols for the best quality dry cleaning. To get the best machine washing results cleaners should not overload the machine. The items added into the machine should be loose enough in the drum to clean and rinse them thoroughly. The cleaner should always give attention to sort out the items according to color.

Take Care of Separation

The items with dark color should not mix with the items of light color. If some item drops the color and it mixes with the light one it can cause color distortion of other items. If you are dealing with the new items you should always try to clean them separately. Mostly the people bring new items for dry clean for the first time. In this way, the procedure requires to keep the items for first time dry clean separate from the others. The items which come for dry clean might have the smudges and stains of paint, ink, rust ,grass , greasy or oily marks.

Dry Cleaning Protocols

 There are some protocols that a dry cleaner should always abide by before dry cleaning. The professional dry cleaning companies always train their dry cleaners to maintain the system of procedures. These procedures are to undertake the cleaning process which causes no harm to the material of the items.

Following the protocols and procedures also ensures the best quality dry cleaning. Farnek also maintains the proper decorum to provide the dry cleaning services to its precious customers.

Things to Remember

When the items reach to the dry cleaners he should empty the pockets of all items in the first place. The second thing that dry cleaners should ensure is that they close the hooks and the zips properly. The cleaners should necessarily check the care label manufacturing company attaches with the item. This care label explains all the details about the cleaning of that material.

If the dry cleaning does not take place according to the protocol mentioned on the care label it can affect the quality of the material of  item. The dry cleaners should not machine wash the items which require manual hand wash. Dry_cleaning of  item with hand which requires machine wash will cause damage to its quality.

Classification of Stuff

There should be a proper category of dry cleaning items. The items like the socks, laces handkerchief should be in a separate category. These small items are better to dry clean if we slip them down between the drum and the tub. This protocol is particular to dry clean a washing bag or a pillow.

We should always take great care for the items which do not need dry clean in a machine. The items such as underwired bras should also so get dry_cleaning, not in the machine. Some garments get in direct contact with volatile or petroleum products. The better way to wash items of this nature is to wash them with hand.

Special Care of Old Stuff

The materials which are quite old should get dry_cleaning with a hand, not with a machine. Old duvets or similar bedding have week stitching when they get old. Such materials should never get dry clean a washing machine. Cleaning of such items in the washing machine can cause damage to the stitches when these materials are heavy and wet. Washing things of this nature in the washing machine can also cause blocking of the drains. The dry cleaner should also give proper care for the materials which enshrine only to dry clean in their care label.

 If an item is to wide and huge to put into a machine it should not be forced to put into it. Putting such item forcibly into washing machine will affect the quality. In the first place, such a bulky item cannot get its best wash when put into a washing machine. Washing such items in the washing machine also can damage the stuff.


The dry cleaners should always be careful to wash full loads to save water and energy. Our company always recommends our dry cleaners not to use a pre-wash for normally soiled items. The company reserves the right to intimate its cleaners that they pre-treat the stains and then wash them at the required temperature.

Proper temperature is inevitable to undertake the best dry cleaning of the product. If the temperature is higher or less than required it will harm the material of the item. The quality and the quantity of detergent and fabric softener is also an inevitable thing to keep in mind. The professional dry cleaners always keep in mind to use the advised quantity of detergent or fabric softener.

Using the soaps in excess does not ensure the cloth gets any cleaner. Prescribed quantity of detergents or fabric softener or soap can leave residue on the material of the items. With the presence of residue white marks will be visible on the surface of the item. This does not cause good dry cleaning rather it causes damage to the item. The company always advises its cleaners that that day takes care of every minute detail which a best quality cleaning requires.

 After dry cleaning the item it should be very well packed. The dry cleaner will hand over the item to the customer with beautiful and decorative packing. Although this does not include in the dry cleaning service manuals yet we always take care of the trust over the customer.

Things never to Dry Clean

 The professional dry cleaners always take care that they do not dry clean an item which should not have it. Down items should never get dry cleaning. Down items are usually very expensive to clean. Comforters also include in the category of the items which should not get dry_cleaning. There are the spot clean only dresses which should never get dry_cleaning.

If we dry clean any of these items their quality will ruin and your money will go totally in waste. Some other things which do not require dry cleaning include wedding dresses, leather material things, sports jerseys and decorated garments.

Items to Dry Clean only

The items which necessarily need dry cleaning include men’s dress shirts wool items and items which have clean only staples with them. The items which carry oil and grease spills on them should also get dry cleaning.

 In this way following the protocols and proper procedures does ensure the best quality dry cleaning. We should always be careful what to dry clean and what not to dry clean. The professional dry cleaners are there to provide you with the best advice about what to dry clean and what not to dry clean.