Domestic Cleaning Services

Domestic Cleaning Services

Farnek provides you with the most trustable and quality based service for domestic cleaning at any place, any time of the day and night round the clock  24/7. We provide you with a wide range of cleaning services daily, weekly basis, fortnightly basis, and monthly basis at your pleasure.

Floor Cleaning

The online services of domestic cleaning have become a thriving trend these days. The people are relieved from the trouble of making domestic cleaning arrangements specifically for their homes. There are lots of good websites providing services for domestic cleaning purposes. Farnek is also one of the leading.

We believe that the life and valuables of our precious customers are priceless and need due care during our services. In this way, we make sure the legal terms of Government. We make sure that the services you are paying to provide you with the best possible level of satisfaction.

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According to the government rules, we are a certified service provider with all legal requirements fulfilled. While doing domestic cleaning farnek makes the top-notch benchmark that Cleaning Chemical Safety (The COSHH Regulations) are met in letter and spirit. We hire people experienced and trained people for the purpose. The people we hire for providing you with the service are professionals. They always maintain the proper decorum of health measures in their duty. Keeping in mind the safety and health issues of the elderly and the children we always grasp the cleaning accessories, gadgets, machines, and solutions that are of no harm to the health and life of people of any age group.

Particularly we avoid any happening where we keep the life or health of any of the members of our client’s family at stake. Our trained service providers always make a risk assessment before the commencement of services. We proceed further by continuous evaluation to improve our services. The valuables and the belongings are also second to none in importance for us. Our risk assessment directly corresponds to concerning any matter of urgency. Tackling any damage to property or valuables and above all to any of human life and health.

Domestic cleaning with non- toxic Chemicals

We make sure to use non-toxic chemicals for Human beings. Farnek always use no-allergic chemicals for cleaning purposes. With the preferred mode of lone working and manual handling we always make sure that no management issue rises.

Farnek has made cleaning convenient and relieving like never before. Because we clean with legal protocols. How many chemicals to apply according to the requirement is also one great thing. Farnek gives care for domestic cleaning. 

In doing domestic cleaning we give due importance not only to the life, health, and safety of our clients but equally do we give to our workers. In this way, we provide every worker with proper protective equipment.

We always make sure to give a glossy touch to polish surfaces during our domestic cleaning service wardrobes, drawers, tops, and surfaces, mirrors and glass surfaces. Farnek does not spare one single item at your domestic cleaning site that the pictures, frames, and lampshades all-around your domestic cleaning site are well dusted and glossed.

We make the bed, fluff pillows, straighten duvet, change sheets, skirting boards, window sills and ledges, and light switches all very well clean, and polish. Always ask our workers to remove finger marks from all around the walls. We make it our honor that the workers vacuum and mop the floor where necessary.

Farnek takes care of all these salient features of domestic cleaning. This is merely for the quality of services and a trustable long-lasting relation with our customers.

For thorough domestic cleaning, we will be offering you Living room and dining, room, Kitchen, Bathroom/Toilet, Entrance/Hallway, and staircase. You can take our services if you want the proper time according to your own convenience. We take it part of our mandate that our customers enjoy the best possible services from us.

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