Builder Skip is the most practical canister in the United Kingdom and a tool to dispose of a massive amount of debris. It’s your time to clean you Builder waste. Be quick, to clean your waste by Hiring the nearest Skip on Discount.


Builder skip is also convenient for massive garden and household projects. It’s coped with two sizes like 6 Yard and 8 Yard skip and has worth concerning prices if we compare its function with the cost. The following are the benefits of this holder:

Domestic Projects 

  • Garden Clearance
  • Home Renovation 
  • Storage Clearout
  • Complete Home Maintenance
  • Bulky Refurbishment

Commercial Projects

  • Office Clearance
  • Digging Jobs
  • Bathroom Redesign 
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Refits
  • Digging Jobs


Builder Skip is divided into two sizes like 6 Yard Skip and 8 Yard Skip both builder skips are very popular among the builders of the United Kingdom because of Builder Skip Hire Cost, sizes and its uses.

6 Yard Builder skip Image


6 Yard Skip is regularly applied for substantial household tasks. It’s handy for tree branches, wood, packaging waste, and commercial assignments.

  • Volume : 4 feet height × 5 feet width × 10 feet length
  • Capacity: 60 – 70 black bin bags
  • Price : £229 – £270
8 Yard Builder skip Image


8 Yard Skip is also easy to use for commercial and building spheres. Practical for bricks, metal, plastic, building rubles and hardcore.

  • Volume : 6 height × 6 feet width × 12 feet length
  • Capacity: 100 – 110 black bin bags
  • Price : £211 – £280


You can get Builder Skip Hire at affordable prices, just remembered few points that are mentioned below:

Right Volume of the Skip

The Builder Skip Hire Prices differs size to size. The small canister asks for low prices and the more rates are required for an extensive container. So one must be aware of this matter and select the skip that is proper to the task. 

Sign on a Valid Company

To hire a skip from a reliable company and find the affordable Builder Skip Hire Prices is vital. The firm’s performance must be analyzed first, one should place the order afterwards. It’s important to check whether the company is registered or not. Are the rates affordable or not? What is the delivery method of the corporation? If the firm is licensed then place the order; otherwise, seek for a reliable company.

Call for Fixed Period

A user should call for the decided period for keeping the skip. Also, one should ask for the skip for a short period because the longer the period, the more cost is required. If one wishes to expand the duration of the skip, the more cost is required in this state.

Order for Skip in Advance

It’s useful concerning prices that order the skip promptly because you will get the required size and suitable rates through this process. In most states, the defined volume is not reached to a client in the matter of overdue booking.

Keep the Skip on Private Property

The skip license is not required for setting down the canister on the personal location. Builder Skip is right in dimension so one should place it on the private property and save the charges (£15 to £30) of Skip Permit.

Recommendation System

 It’s common that one’s neighbors or friends are using a service. Place the order for skip hire on the suggestion of them. It will save you from the scam sites of the market. 


Our Builder Skip Hire Prices are affordable, unbeatable and according to your requirements and you budget. Request Quote Now & Get £20 Discount Instantly!

Skip Hire Services


To place a skip is a prime part because it protects the user and company for an unexpected situation. There are some guidelines that help you out about how to hold a canister.

  • Put a strong article or clipboard underneath for retaining the drive away from being impaired.
  • The skip size should be appropriate for putting it down on the road: not too big to make a hurdle in upcoming traffic. It’s not wider by 2 meters and not longer by 5 meters.
  • Keep the skip at the aside of the council’s land so that it would not become a sign of disturbance in the traffic.
  • The holder should be well colored because the driver can quickly notice a painted skip.
  • The overrunning skip can become the cause of dirtiness on the road so fill the skip rightly and don’t let the remaining waste material in the way.
  • Don’t change the place of the skip once the company has held it on a fixed spot. The company vehicle can’t enter at the narrow places if you put the canister at the short drive away.


It’s the crucial point to be dependent on a company for ordering a skip because maybe the firm would not fulfill the requirements. Moreover, one has to pay the cost in the order section so it must be decided with full consideration of which corporation is the best to order for the canister. Skip Hire gives distinctive benefits to users. Read them and if these are satisfactory for you, call us to tackle the waste material step-by-step.

  • We’ve set up the system in the whole United Kingdom and provides the skip at every spot.
  • Every volume of the skip is available at the platform of Skip Hire. So you will get the instructed dimension.
  • In the case of the unclarity of a client regarding the exact size, the support admin guides the user in which dimension is appropriate to sort out the job.  
  • 20% discounts for each extent of the canister.
  • Skip Hire is a registered company from the Environmental Agency.
  • We recycle 70% – 80% waste material. 
  • Affordable rates.
  • Fixed time delivery that is in line to the client’s directions.