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If you are in search of cleaning services, security services, plumber, electrician or anyone else, you are at the the right place. Any kind of services that you are trying to search, is at your service.

1. Find Services That You Need

To find a seller that suits your requirements such as the delivery time, profile, price bracket, service quality, response, feedback system, community recommendations or any other thing, we are here to provide your require services.

2. Supply your brief

After you provide all the details about the service you require, your service will be done to you. Your money will be kept secure until you will confirm the satisfaction.

3. Management of Transaction

With the facility of built-in conversation at Transaction Management System, you can provide your files and feedback to the seller. After this, you will be provided with your required service by the seller.

4. Approval of delivered service

When you are pleased with the service then you can mark the transaction completed. After we will make sure that the seller gets paid. To better help the community you can send your precious feedback.

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Farnek Services gives you the grand opportunity to transform your talent, your services, your time, your knowledge, your ideas and your calibre in the form of continuous earning. With proper security, privacy in the code of conduct and transparent payment method we wish you keep doing what you love to.

1. Post your service

You should post your service concerning your services in a brief way so that the buyer could know clearly what they are paying the money for.

2. Communicate promptly

Your response to the customer’s demand should be timely and swift so that here might not be any communication gap between both.

3. Build your reputation

You should deal with all customers equally irrespective of the transaction value. With this, your customer will recommend the other ones to you also.

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